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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Best Strollers of 2021 ( Ratings | Reviews | Prices )

Best Strollers of 2021 ( Ratings | Reviews | Prices )

With all the complications 2020 brought us, being prepared for your baby is more confusing than ever. We know firsthand how overwhelming the baby gear world can be and we’re here to help make it a lot simpler for you! Eli always loves showing off his favorite new strollers year by year, and this year we wanted to get started early! We have a big year of videos planned, but we also want to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to reach out to our team for some assistance! 

For some, consultations may seem like a lot of work, but we’ve spent the better part of the last 20 years perfecting how to guide parents through all of the big decisions they’ll need to make. So whether its the stroller decision, car seat decision, or all of the little questions that pop up throughout the process (how many of this do I need!?), book a consultation on our site and we can connect with you over Zoom or the phone (or even email if that’s what you prefer: to help smooth the whole process for you! We'll make it easy and concise, and personalize our suggestions to your lifestyle. 

If you’re more interested in doing your own personal research, we encourage you to click through to the stroller pages. Eli’s full review videos are available on each of the product pages so we can give you all the tools you need to help you choose your stroller!

Full-Size Single Strollers


 Nuna Mixx Next - The Nuna Mixx Next is a huge step forward for Nuna, with its folding rear axle and added suspension it manages to be both smaller and more durable this year! The magnetic harness is another huge plus. 

 Bugaboo Fox2 - The Fox2 Is Bugaboo’s full-featured single stroller, complete with bassinet and toddler seat, with the signature Bugaboo design, suspension, and customization. Gorgeous fabrics are easily removable for machine washing. 

 Bugaboo Lynx - If you love the Fox2, but you’re uncertain about the bassinet then the Lynx is the stroller for you. Equipped with all the same features sans bassinet, it's just as durable, smooth and gorgeous as its predecessor.

 Cybex Priam3 - The Priam3 is the aesthete’s stroller, focusing on the gorgeous fabrics available and many special edition patterns available annually. Cybex’s German design and engineering shines in the Priam!

 Bumbleride Era - Bumbleride’s newest strollers, the Era, is a great showcase for the recyclable materials used throughout. The air tires give it great suspension and its newborn friendly seat is rare for its range. 


Compact Strollers


UPPAbaby Cruz V2 - Do you love the Uppababy Vista? Maybe you think its too big, or you don’t need the bassinet, or maybe you don’t need the double capability? Well, the Cruz is for you. Signature Uppababy design and incredibly easy and functional controls make it a masterpiece. 

Nuna TRIV - Nuna’s newest stroller, the Triv offers totally unique features, like the folding car seat adapter, that add even more value to its incredibly lightweight frame. Durable rubber wheels and four wheel suspension complement its weight. 

Bugaboo Bee6 - Uniquely tiny and incredibly sturdy, the Bee6 is one of the best walking strollers that won’t put a strain on your back. 

Thule Spring - The Spring’s spring-loaded, one-handed fold offers one of the simplest solutions to your stroller needs. Light on amenities but strong enough to handle whatever you throw at it, the Thule Spring’s smart design is a winner. 

Cybex Mios2 - The Mios is Cybex’s lightest option, held together using state of the art airplane glues, leaving it one of the lightest options out there for city living. Its multi-season seat offers great temperature control. Its chrome frame is accented by gorgeous fabrics, making it a perfect marriage of aesthetic and function. 

Nuna Tavo Next - One of the simplest options available, the Tavo has new rubber wheels, intense suspension and a newborn friendly seat all in a lightweight package that has the most amenities in its range.


Jogging | Running | All-terrain Strollers


Bob Rambler - Not meant for jogging due to its wheels, the Rambler offers incredible off-road capability for its size. It's a great way to get a stroller that can handle every terrain you throw at it without feeling unwieldy. 

Bob Alterrain - The pinnacle of heavy duty strollers, the Alterrain is BoB’s newest engineering marvel. Reactive suspension, enormous wheels and a beautiful bouncy chassis create a truly tough stroller thats ready to handle the snow, sand or anything else you could want it to. 

Bumbleride Indie - Bumbleride’s flagship stroller, the Indie is a classic for justifiable reason. Partly for introducing the world to Bumbelride’s ethical standards in manufacturing, as well as creating a unique newborn friendly, multi-terrain stroller. 

Thule Urban Glide 2 - Another all-terrain option, the Urban Glide 2 is a sleek and sophisticated jogging option from Thule (yes, that Thule!) that stands out amongst the pack. A covered basket, enormous canopies and a truly unique one-handed fold are some of the highlights. 


Lightweight | Travel Strollers


BABYZEN YOYO2 - The preeminent lightweight stroller that fits in the overhead compartment! Incredibly versatile and durable, the Yoyo remains unmatched in its class. 

Bugaboo Ant -  The only lightweight option with a reversible seat! If you always want the option to face baby, this is the stroller for you, complete with Bugaboo’s integrity and design.

Silver Cross Jet Eclipse - The Silver Cross Legacy is strong in the Jet. Designed to mimic luggage when you’re on a flight, its tiny size and modern flourishes offer a travel stroller with panache. 

UPPAbaby Minu - Uppababy’s tri-fold option is a bit bigger than the rest, but offers astounding ease of use, a large basket and a wide seat to ensure you get the most out of your stroller. 

Maclaren Quest Arc - The Arc is the only true umbrella stroller of the bunch. Maclaren’s durability and integrity shine in this model, their first to forego double handlebars for an easier-to-steer single, rounded handle. 


Single strollers that convert to Double Strollers


Nuna Demi Grow - Nuna’s all-terrain option with tons of storage, newborn friendly seats and a simple connection with the Nuna Pipa car seat. Second seat and bassinet(s) are available for baby number two!

Cybex Gazelle S - Cybex’s newest innovation, this reasonably priced single to double offers Cybex’s gorgeous design and fabrics as well as original storage innovations. 

Bugaboo Donkey3 - Bugaboo’s one of a kind single to double actually turns into a side-by-side double! The unmatched Bugaboo durability makes this one of the longest lasting strollers available. 

Silver Cross Wave Eclipse - The Silver Cross Wave burst onto the scene with panache. Its classic aesthetic elements complement its design integrity to create one of the most beautiful strollers out there. 

UPPAbaby Vista V2 - The New England classic, Uppababy has taken the world by storm. Their flagship Vista stroller received a makeover this year with durability tweaks and new fashions. One of the easiest to learn and lightest doubles out there. 


Side-By-Side Double Strollers


Bumbleride Indie Twin - The best twin stroller on a budget! It offers car seat capability for twins, bassinet capability and newborn friendly seats so you’re never left wondering where to put baby down. Air tires make it capable of handling anything you throw at it!

Valco Snap Duo Trend - Valco’s newest double is a lightweight masterpiece, with a simple fold and an enormous basket it is one of the best utilitarian options out there.  

BOB Revolution FLEX Duallie - A beast of a stroller, while tough to fit through doors is one of the most durable and best all-terrain options out there. 

If you’ve made it this far, thank you so much for checking out our videos!  We’d love to hear what you think! Feel free to email or give us a call at 866-600-BEAN) during business hours (M-F, 9 am-5 pm EST). We also offer consultations over zoom, book yours now!

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