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Magic Beans Closing Sale | SITEWIDE 20% to 60% off | Everything MUST Go!
Magic Beans Closing Sale | SITEWIDE 20% to 60% off | Everything MUST Go!

About Us

Magic Beans co-owners, Sheri hugging Eli around his shoulders from behind, both smiling up at the camera in Magic Beans Wellesley.

Magic Beans is owned by parents. Eli and Sheri have three kids of their own and they struggled to find the right gear when they were first starting out. They envisioned Magic Beans as an easy place to learn about the hardest things to buy.

Magic Beans is here to make parents' lives easier and kids' lives more fun. We sell baby gear AND toys. It just makes sense.

Magic Beans has earned a great reputation, but that didn't happen overnight. Since 2004 we have worked tirelessly to find phenomenal products and provide a delightful shopping experience. We're known for our exceptional, knowledgeable staff who provide a level of customer service that you just won't find anywhere else.

We have two stores in the Greater Boston area. We love getting to know our local customers and watching their kids grow up. We value creating lasting relationships and being a resource for our communities.

We are online all the time. Magic Beans has been connecting with customers online since we first started a blog back in 2006. These days, we spend more time on our YouTube channel, with over 20 million views. It's recognized by parents around the globe as their ultimate resource for baby gear reviews and comparisons.

In our free time, we also produce Drool Baby Expo. Drool is a consumer expo and shopping event designed for expectant and new parents in New England. We invite the top baby manufacturers in the US as well as dozens of local small businesses that provide valuable resources for families. In 2021, we are excited to bring Drool to a national audience as a virtual event.

Co-owners Eli and Sheri standing together at Drool baby expo.

Magic Beans was founded in 2004 by husband and wife team Eli and Sheri Gurock. The Gurocks conceived the idea while Sheri was pregnant with their second child. They envisioned a retail experience designed for kids and optimized for parents, a place that would balance the fresh and new with the tried and true.

What will you find in our stores? The short answer is baby gear, toys for infants to tweens, and nursery furniture. But we'll let our customers give you the long answer.

“Magic Beans is the place that your parents WISH they had when you were a wee babe. After VERY different experiences at some of the more popular "big box"-type stores, we found the staff here to be helpful, caring, engaging, and 110% willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that Mama & Papa understand and are comfortable with the products they sell.” - Jeremy N.

“If you're looking for strollers, go here. You can take each model they have out for a test drive and they even have a weighted baby doll to make the ride more realistic.” - Sarah G.

“I could actually physically place my son in different strollers to see which ones fit him the best, and I could ask the 434 questions I had about each stroller and their similarities and differences. I got lessons in folding and unfolding the stroller, didn't have to assemble it myself (they did that for free!) and learned how to use all of the features from a person instead of the manual.” - Sarah K.

“To be in an environment where both the customers and the salespeople are equally as passionate is so rare and lovely! Obviously, Magic Beans knows that their clientele is made up of both smart, discerning, experienced parents and lucky parents to be. But it truly seems that they care about each of their clients from the way they treat everyone like welcome VIPS.” - Lili I.

“I will always find my way back to Magic Beans.” - Roger M

“I get to show up at birthday parties and winter holidays after a trip to Magic Beans with a pile of well-made, quality presents like food replicas, archaeology kits, and indie games. And I am the most popular old person ever.” - Austin J. A.

Customer service person answering the phone and smiling at the camera in front of her computer

We love bringing the surprises and support to families across the nation on our award-winning website and unofficial seventh store, Nearly 80% of our orders are shipped outside of New England! The spirit of our store staff is spread nationally thanks to our exceptional customer service. Through live chat, phone, or video even video chat, we welcome any and all questions to support you on your baby gear journey. The free shipping on orders over $49 is just a little extra bonus.

Mother holding baby in a Magic Beans store, both looking at and touching a lamaze flip flap dragon.

Powered by MyRegistry, the leading universal registry service, the Magic Beans baby registry brings simplicity and peace of mind to one of the most exciting–and often hectic–events of your life. You don't have time to sift through thousands of products to determine what's the best for your baby. We've already done that, and it's called Magic Beans! Rest assured that we only sell the best and safest products so you can create the most efficient registry possible. With a lifetime of support and a 10% completion discount, the VIP registry treatment doesn't end with your baby shower.