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Nuna Triv Stroller 2021


   Last year, Nuna blew us away with the release of the Nuna Triv midsize stroller. It was one of the first strollers in the midsize category to truly strike a balance between lightweight and fully-featured! Since its release it has become a favorite in the Magic Beans family and continues to be popular with parents from all walks of life. The 2021 Nuna Triv has all the features we loved about the original Nuna Triv, plus a few improvements!

Lightweight and Portable

   The 2021 Nuna Triv is a featherweight stroller that won’t hold you back. The 2021 Nuna Triv is just 9.4 pounds, 1.7 pounds lighter than Nuna’s next lightest stroller, the Nuna Pepp Next, but it is definitely not fragile! Although it has such a lightweight frame it could be mistaken for a travel stroller, it has an impressively high weight limit of 50 pounds in the seat and 10 additional pounds of capacity in the storage basket.

   In addition to being ultra lightweight, the 2021 Nuna Triv also has a convenient carry handle for easy transportation while folded. The handle is accessible with both the car seat adapter and the toddler seat attached. 

Compact and Convenient Fold

   Not everybody has ample trunk space to store a huge stroller that has all the bells and whistles, but that doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice the features you want and settle for a bare bones stroller just because you are short on storage space. The 2021 Nuna Triv is the best of both worlds, with a tiny frame packed with great features. 

   The stroller can be folded with the seat in either world-facing or parent-facing positions. You no longer have to take an extra step to face the toddler seat in a specific position and angle in order to allow your stroller to fold! The 2021 Nuna Triv also only requires one hand to fold, so you can still have a hand available to hold your infant car seat or wrangle your toddler.

Luxury Push

   When you think of a lightweight stroller, you probably don’t think of a stroller that feels good to push. However, the 2021 Nuna Triv pushes like a dream due to all-wheel suspension that allows the stroller to glide over bumps and cracks in the sidewalk with ease. Puncture proof rubber wheels also help to absorb impacts and keep you on the go without having to take a pit stop.

More Comfortable

   The 2021 Nuna Triv is an exceptionally comfortable stroller for both the parents and the child. The toddler seat is fully reclinable and has an ultra-soft removable merino wool insert that makes the stroller easier to clean and also covers a soft mesh summer seat back. When the hot weather comes around, all you have to do is remove the insert and you have a breathable and ventilated seat back to prevent overheating.

   The toddler seat also has an additional spring suspension built in so your little passenger can enjoy a smooth ride even on uneven terrain.

   The 2021 Nuna Triv has a large extendable UPF 50+ canopy that has three mesh windows for superior ventilation. Worried about rain? The generous canopy is made with water resistant fabric so rain will roll right off!

   For caregivers, Nuna has made the handlebar telescopically height adjustable so anyone can push the stroller comfortably. A chic leatherette handlebar also gives a comfortable grip. New for 2021, the stroller features a magnetic buckle that makes it easier than ever to get your little one in and out of the stroller! There is also a large new zipper pocket on the back of the toddler seat, so you can keep your essentials close at hand.

Is the 2021 Nuna Triv Newborn Ready?

   The 2021 Nuna Triv is ready to use with your newborn without any additional accessories required! The included ring adapter for Nuna infant car seats folds with the stroller to make a seamless travel system. For longer strolls, recline the toddler seat all the way and you can safely put your baby directly in the seat which provides a flat surface for healthy spine development. If you prefer an enclosed bassinet for your newborn, check out the 2021 Nuna Triv Series Bassinet as an accessory!


  • Compact One-Handed Fold
  • Magnetic Buckle
  • Rain Cover Included
  • Ring Adapter Included
  • Multiple Recline Positions
  • No Rethread Harness
  • Quick Release Harness Buckle
  • Reversible Seat
  • Flat Recline for Infants
  • Extendable UPF 50+ Sun Canopy
  • Water Resistant Fabric
  • Mesh Summer Seat


  • Weight Limit: 50 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions: L 30.5-34.5 x W 20 x H 42-43.5 Inches 
  • Product Dimensions (Folded): L 25.3 x W 21 x H 17.5 Inches
  • Product Weight (Without Insert, Armbar, or Canopy): 19.4 Pounds
  • Product Weight (Frame + Ring Adapter): 14.6 Pounds 

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