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Drool Baby Expo: Virtual Edition - March 7, 2021 | Free Shipping $49+ | 866-600-BEAN (2326)
Drool Baby Expo: Virtual Edition - March 7, 2021 | Free Shipping $49+ | 866-600-BEAN (2326)

Nuna Demi Grow Stroller 2021

Please allow 1-3 weeks for shipping
Please note: This is the Nuna Demi Grow Stroller 2021 in the single configuration.
Convenient and Comfortable

   Nuna has established itself as a premium baby gear brand, and parents rave about the ease of use and functionality of Nuna products. The 2021 Nuna Demi Grow stroller continues to provide new parents with convenient features that make day-to-day life just a little bit easier. 

   Comfort features for both parent and baby set this stroller apart from the rest. The stroller seat can easily be turned to face either the world or the parent for better bonding and exploration while out strolling. It can also be reclined and in addition to a flip out sunshade, the UPF 50+ canopy is equipped with a full coverage dream drape to create an ideal environment for on-the-go napping. Get your little one in and out of the stroller quickly and easily with the improved magnetic buckle on the harness. 

   The stroller’s toddler seat is prepared for all seasons with its zipper-out removable seat padding. When removed, a breezy summer seat made of soft mesh is revealed. As cooler weather comes around simply zipper the comfortable padded insert back on for cozy strolling. 

   One of our customers’ favorite features is the stroller’s extra large storage basket. Perfect for toting around a large diaper bag, toys, snacks, and other baby essentials, this deep basket can hold up to 10 pounds of swag. 

Performance Technology

   The Nuna Demi Grow 2021 is designed to keep up with your family, even if you find yourself away from smooth pavement. Large foam filled wheels are puncture proof so you never have to worry about getting a flat tire or having to refill your stroller tires at the least convenient times. Custom dual suspension enables the front and rear wheels to provide cushioning independently as you roll over bumps and uneven terrain. This provides the smoothest ride for you and your baby. 

   The rear wheels have clear plastic spoke covers built in to protect little fingers as the wheels turn, and fenders are included with the stroller to prevent backsplash of mud and dirt. 

   The telescopically adjustable handlebar enables parents and caregivers of different heights to push the stroller comfortably. The handlebar also allows the stroller to be freestanding when folded, making storage easier. The built in handle under the seat allows you to easily carry the stroller while it’s folded, making lifting it into the trunk of your car or up stairs easier. 

Future Proof

   The Nuna Demi Grow 2021 is the ideal stroller for parents who will be adding to their families later on. Sold as a single stroller, it is truly a convertible stroller that can easily switch between single and double configurations. What we see most often in our hundreds of consultations with expectant parents of siblings is how intimidating double strollers can be, especially for parents who didn’t think they would need one. 

   Common complaints we hear are that side-by-side double strollers are too wide and take up too much space, while tandem-style double strollers are too long and are difficult to maneuver. Nuna has come up with a solution to both problems by creating a vertical seating arrangement. This allows you to keep the footprint of your single stroller while still giving you double capability.

   All you need in order to transform your stroller to a double is the Demi Grow Sibling Seat (sold separately). The stroller comes with two sets of car seat adapters for Nuna Pipa series infant car seats so the Nuna Demi Grow is twin ready with only the addition of the extra seat! The Demi Grow Bassinet is also available as an accessory to give your baby a totally flat and overnight sleep safe surface. With the use of the bassinet, the stroller can be used with newborns.


  • Reversible & Reclinable Toddler Seat 
  • All Season Seat
  • UPF 50+ Canopy
  • Pop-Out Visor and Full Coverage Dream Drape
  • Peek a Boo Window
  • Adjustable Handlebar
  • Custom Dual Suspension
  • Puncture Proof Wheels
  • Infant Car Seat Adapters Included
  • Rain Cover Included
  • Fenders Included
  • Standing Fold
  • Large Storage Basket
  • Convertible to Double Configurations


  • Recommended use: 6 Months (From Birth when using Demi Grow Bassinet) to 50 lbs
  • Product: h 43.5 x w 24 x l 39.5 in
  • Product (folded): h 35 x w 24 x l 23.5 in
  • Product weight: 27.4 lbs (weight does not include winter seat, canopy or arm bar)

Nuna Pipa Infant Car Seat, Demi Grow Sibling Seat, and Demi Grow Bassinet shown in pictures all sold separately

Please allow 1-3 weeks for shipping
Please note: This is the Nuna Demi Grow Stroller 2021 in the single configuration.
Convenient and Comfortable

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