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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Comparing Clek Foonf, Fllo, and Nuna RAVA: A Convertible Car Seat Showdown

Comparing Clek Foonf, Fllo, and Nuna RAVA: A Convertible Car Seat Showdown

Nuna Rava vs. Clek Foonf vs. Clek Fllo: A Comprehensive Comparison

When it comes to choosing a car seat for your child; safety, comfort, and convenience are paramount. While you may seem inundated with choices in your convertible car seat, we want to help narrow the field with a comparison of three popular convertible car seat choices; the Nuna Rava, Clek Foonf, and Clek Fllo. In this blog post, we will compare these three car seats, examining their key features, safety ratings, installation methods, and overall value. Let's dive into the details to help you make an informed decision for your little one's well-being.

Clek Foonf

Nuna Rava vs. Clek Foonf vs. Clek Fllo: Safety Features

Nuna Rava

For many parents, safety is a top-priority and the number one thing they look at when purchasing a car seat. All three car seats have been rigorously tested to meet or exceed safety standards, providing peace of mind to parents.


Nuna made their mark in the US with the Nuna PIPA infant car seat. Through the PIPA, Nuna introduced safety features that at the time were only being used in Europe, their car seat line-up has continued to evolve over the years. Nuna also offers a wide variety of baby gear from strollers to travel cribs and even baby carriers. 


Clek has one mission: to delivery the best-in-safety when it comes to car seats. Clek's story started with Canadian parents, who decided that the car seat options available to them in North America were just not safe enough for their own children. With a background in the automotive industry they decided to take their experience and knowledge of vehicle safety technology, shrink it down and build a car seat. True to their roots, Clek car seats continue to be manufactured in Canada! It is also important to note that Clek is the only manufacturer of US car seats that publically list their crash testing statistics on their website. 

Both Nuna and Clek have been at the forefront of car seat technology and safety and the Nuna Rava, Clek Foonf, and Clek Fllo all feature energy-absorbing foam, side-impact protection, and sturdy steel frames.

    Clek Foonf Safety Feature: REACT System

    Clek Foonf: Built like a tank! The brilliance of the Clek Foonf is in its one-of-a-kind REACT System: Rigid-LATCH Energy Absorbing Crumple Technology. Designed to be used with Rigid latch, and similar to vehicle crumple zones, the Foonf's REACT Safety System actively reduces the forces transmitted to a child in a frontal collision.

    Clek Foonf Crumple Zone

    Clek Fllo Safety Feature: EACT

    Clek Fllo: The Clek Fllo has the EACT: Energy Absorbing Crumple Technology, designed to work with a belt installation (vehicle belt or LATCH belt), and utilizing aluminum honeycomb to absorb energy.

      Clek Fllo

      Clek Foonf and Fllo Safety Feature: Dual Layers of EPP Foam for maximum side-impact protection

      Both the Clek Foonf and Clek Fllo feature deep side wings, and dual layers of energy absorbing EPP foam for maximum side-impact protection.

      Clek Foonf and Fllo Safety Feature: Anti-Rebound Bar

      Both Clek convertible car seats also come with a steel anti-rebound bar included. The anti-rebound bar is used to prevent upward rotation while in a rear facing position. This feature is not present on the Nuna Rava.

        Clek Fllo Anti-Rebound Bar


        Nuna Rava Safety Feature: All-Steel Frame

        The Nuna Rava is equipped with a sturdy all-steel frame and advanced energy-absorbing foam.

        Nuna Rava Safety Feature: Side-Impact Protection Pods

        The Nuna Rava boasts a distinctive safety attribute: side-impact protection pods that emerge from the seat frame, serving as the initial defense in the event of a collision. 

          Nuna Rava

          Nuna Rava vs. Clek Foonf vs. Clek Fllo: Installation

          Ease of installation is crucial for busy parents. All three car seats allow for both rear-facing and forward facing. 

          How to install the Clek Foonf

          Clek Foonf: The Clek Foonf can be rear-facing with flexible LATCH until 25 pounds, then switch to seatbelt until 50 pounds. Install rear facing by adding the included angle adjuster which brings the seat to a proper rear facing position, add anti-rebound bar and use LATCH connectors. After 25 pounds seat belt installation is required. The top of the seat is removed to expose the integrated lock-offs. The vehicle seatbelt is then threaded through the lock-offs, secured and the top of the seat is popped back on.

          • When forward-facing, the Clek Foonf boasts a standout feature that sets it apart from both the Clek Fllo and the Nuna Rava; its Rigid LATCH connectors. Instead of plastic pieces attached to fabric straps, the Foonf integrates steel connectors directly into its seat base, creating a highly secure and innovative rigid LATCH system. 
          • The LATCH system was initially developed to simplify car seat installation by simply sliding the connectors into the vehicle's lower anchors until they audibly click into place. However, with traditional LATCH systems once the combined weight of the child and the car seat reaches 65 pounds, it's considered unsafe to use LATCH alone. A switch to seatbelt-only installation becomes necessary.
          • This is where the Rigid LATCH on the Clek Foonf breaks the norm as a remarkable exception. Even beyond the weight limit, the rigid LATCH can still be used if supplemented with a seatbelt. By doing so, families can retain access to the seat's most effective safety features.

          Clek Foonf

          How to install the Clek Fllo

          Clek Fllo: The Fllo also allows for extended rear-facing up to 50lbs. The extended rear facing capabilities of the Clek Fllo allow an average child to remain rear facing until they are about 4 years old.The Fllo uses a traditional LATCH system and then can be switched to a seat belt installation utilizing the same lock-off system as the Foonf.

            Clek Fllo


            How to install the Nuna Rava

            Nuna Rava: The Nuna Rava stands out with its straightforward installation process. It advocates for “belt is best” to help parents with the confusion of when to switch from LATCH to belt. With their simple belt installation process, it allows for parents to use the seat belt during the longevity of the car seat, both rear-facing (also up to 50lbs) and forward-facing. The Rava is one of the easiest convertible car seats to install using the seat belt. By simply lifting the seat padding, it reveals Nuna's True Tension doors at the bottom of the seat. These doors are color-coded, making it easy to distinguish between rear-facing and forward-facing installation instructions. Next, route the seat belt under the appropriate door and buckle it. Lock the shoulder belt, close the True Tension door, and your car seat is now securely installed.

              Can the Nuna Rava, Clek Foonf, or Clek Fllo fit 3 across?Clek Foonf

              The Clek Foonf and Clek Fllo are known for their sleek design and narrow profiles, making them ideal for families needing multiple car seats. Both the Foonf and Fllo are a slim 17" wide and allow for installation of three across. The Nuna Rava is a bit wider and cannot always be installed 3 across, in larger vehicles 3 across can be achieved. 

              How will the Clek FoonfClek Fllo and Nuna Rava fit in my vehicle?

                Clek Foonf

                Both Clek seats do take up significantly more room from front to back when in a rear facing position. For super compact vehicles- think Mini Cooper- or for taller parents requiring more leg space in the front of the car, the Nuna Rava is the best space saving choice. If you have concerns regarding the fit of Clek car seats in a rear facing position, Cleks' website is a great resource. Clek is able to provide photos of their seats installed in most vehicles so parents can make the informed decisions regarding fit.

                  Nuna Rava

                  Are the Clek Foonf and Clek Fllo as comfortable as the Nuna RavaComfort, convenience and cleaning: 

                  Nuna Rava

                  Clek Foonf vs. Nuna RAVA vs. Clek Fllo: Comfort

                  The Nuna Rava features a plush, breathable fabric, along with a unique ventilation system to keep your child cool. In recent years Clek has added more cushion to the seats of both the Foonf and Fllo to provide premium comfort. 

                  Clek Foonf vs. Nuna RAVA vs. Clek Fllo: Cleaning

                  Nuna fabrics are machine washable, (line-dry.)  While Clek does offer a variety of different fabric options none of them are machine washable. Clek's C-Zero Plus Performance fabrics are stain, odor and moisture resistant: simply wipe to clean.

                  Clek Foonf vs. Nuna RAVA vs. Clek Fllo: Recline

                  The Rava offers a ten-position recline (five forward-facing and five rear-facing). The Foonf offers a four-position adjustable recline (two forward-facing and two rear-facing). The Fllo does not feature an adjustable recline, it sits on an angle adjuster when rear facing and straight up when forward facing.

                  Clek Foonf vs. Nuna RAVA vs. Clek Fllo: Fabrics

                  Nuna is committed to sourcing naturally flame resistant materials; all of Nuna's car seats are completely flame retardant free. Clek car seats are all free of brominated and chlorinated flame retardants.

                  Clek also offers their Mammoth option: an environmentally-friendly blend of sustainably-sourced, biodegradable Merino wool + TENCEL that offers improved durability and is free of any added flame retardants. The Mammoth fabric reigns supreme in breathability and keeping little ones cool in warmer climates. 

                  Clek Foonf vs. Nuna RAVA vs. Clek Fllo: Rethread Harness

                  The Rava features a non-rethread harness, this allows parents to simply pull up on the head rest to raise the height of the harness to accommodate quickly growing children. Neither the Foonf or Fllo offer a non-rethread harness. Clek has explored this option but has determined that when adding a non-rethread mechanism the fit of the harness is compromised. Because they can get a tighter fit on the harness without this non-rethread mechanism, Clek opts to not sacrifice safety for convenience. When adjusting for growth the harness is pulled out of the slot in which it travels to the back of the seat and then rethreaded through the next highest slot. This is not a task that is performed often and not super challenging either. 

                  Clek Foonf vs. Nuna RAVA vs. Clek Fllo: Ease of Use

                  Ease of use is where the Rava is winning! Nuna adds some great convenience features to the Rava that are sure to make parents lives a bit easier.  The Rava also features harness holders, when baby is unstrapped simply tuck the harness clips into the harness holders to make loading baby back into the car seat easy breezy!

                    Nuna Rava



                      Clek Foonf Mammoth

                      How long can I use the Nuna Rava, Clek Foonf, and Clek Fllo? Age limits:

                      Nuna Rava

                      Clek Foonf vs. Nuna RAVA vs. Clek Fllo: Rear-Facing Capacity

                      The Nuna Rava, Clek Foonf, and Clek Fllo all provide extended rear-facing capabilities of 50lbs, allowing your child to remain in a safer rear-facing position for longer.

                      The Foonf and Fllo offers rear-facing: 14-50 pounds; up to 43" height. With the added Infant Thingy accessory, it allows both car seats to be used at 5lbs. 

                      The Nuna Rava allows for 5-50 pounds, and 49” or less for rear-facing.


                        Clek Foonf

                        Clek Foonf vs. Nuna RAVA vs. Clek Fllo: Forward-Facing Capacity

                        The Foonf and Fllo also offer the same height and weight limits in forward-facing position; 22-65 pounds; 30-49" height.

                          The Nuna Rava's capacity forward-facing is 25-65 pounds and up to 49” in height. 

                            How does the weight of the Nuna Rava compare to the Clek Foonf and Clek Fllo

                            Size and Weight: 

                            The Clek Foonf is the heaviest of all three car seats due to the steel base with the Rigid LATCH connectors. Both the Foonf and the Fllo weigh more than the Rava when in rear-facing mode because of the anti-rebound bar and angle adjusters.

                            Here are the weight specifications:

                            • Clek Foonf: 38 pounds when used in rear-facing mode; 33 pounds in forward-facing mode.
                            • Nuna RAVA: 27.2 pounds.
                            • Clek Fllo: 28 pounds when used in rear-facing mode; 25 pounds in forward-facing mode.

                            Convertible Car Seat


                            Clek Foonf Forward-Facing
                            D 12.5 in. x W 16.9 in. x H 25.5–28.5 in.
                            Clek Foonf Rear-Facing D 12.5 in. x W 16.9 in. x H 28-32.5 in.
                            Nuna Rava
                            D 16 in. x W 19 in. x H 25 in.
                            Clek Fllo Rear-Facing
                            D 12.5 in. x W 16.9 in. x H 25.5–27 in.
                            Clek Fllo Forward-Facing
                            D 12.5 in. x W 16.9 in. x H 26–31 in.

                            Clek Foonf vs. Nuna RAVA vs. Clek Fllo: Price 

                            In terms of pricing, the Clek Foonf is the most expensive due to the extra safety features. While the Fllo is the least expensive of all three. 

                            Which is better: Clek Foonf or Nuna RAVA?

                            Choosing the right car seat for your child is a significant decision. The Nuna Rava, Clek Foonf, and Clek Fllo are all reputable options, each with its own strengths. If additional safety is a top priority, the Clek Foonf with its REACT technology is an excellent choice. If ease and simplicity of installation is what you’re looking for, the Nuna Rava is a top contender. If you’re looking for a safe and reliable car seat with a more affordable price point, the Clek Fllo might be the one for you. Consider your priorities, budget, and specific needs to make the best decision for your child's safety and comfort on the road.

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