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Nuna Rava vs. Nuna Exec | Convertible Car Seat Comparison

Nuna Rava vs. Nuna Exec | Convertible Car Seat Comparison

   If your little one is outgrowing their infant car seat or you’re interested in skipping an infant car seat altogether, a convertible car seat is definitely on your shopping list. At Magic Beans, we match hundreds of families with their ideal convertible car seats every year. We’ve noticed over the years that Nuna is always a favorite with our customers - and for good reason! The Nuna Rava offers first in class safety and convenience factors that are worth the extra money. But with the release of the new Nuna Exec all in one car seat, many of our customers have been wondering what’s the difference? Today our experts are demystifying the Nuna Rava and Nuna Exec so you can choose which is best for your family.

Shared Features

   While the Nuna Rava and Nuna Exec are unique car seats that have different functionality, they do share quite a few features in common as well. Both car seats can be used from birth instead of an infant car seat and come with infant inserts to make the seat appropriate for babies as small as 5 pounds. Both seats are free from any added fire retardant chemicals, Nuna has opted to source naturally flame retardant materials such as fabrics and foams instead of treating their car seats with chemical sprays. This protects your little one from chemical off-gassing and other potentially harmful effects. Both fabric sets are machine washable for your convenience. 

   Both the Nuna Rava and Nuna Exec are constructed with steel frames which provide superior stability and durability in a crash. Lining the car seats over the steel frames are shells made from high grade EPP energy absorbing foam. These foam linings are less brittle and therefore less likely to crack during an impact or crumble over time than the EPS foam used in other car seats. Aeroflex side impact protection panels reduce risk of injury in a crash.

   The Nuna Rava and Nuna Exec are known for being extremely user-friendly and having many convenience features. They have an easily adjustable head support with a no-rethread five point harness that grows with your baby as you raise the headrest. This prevents you from accidentally twisting your harness while in the process of raising it up a notch and allows the harness to have a more custom fit for your child instead of adjusting to only a few predetermined notches.

   The push-button 10-position recline feature on both seats allows you to get a more customized fit in your vehicle while making sure your child is more comfortable. The Nuna Rava and Nuna Exec both also have dual flip open cupholders that provide a convenient place to store drinks, snacks, or toys. The cup holders can be folded away when you need extra space in the backseat. 

   Nuna recommends installing both seats with your vehicle’s seat belt instead of using ISOFIX latches so that you don’t have to worry about switching to a seat belt installation when your child becomes too heavy for latches. Seat belt is just as easy as latch installation since the Nuna Rava and Nuna Exec have true tension doors that remove excess slack for a super tight installation without the struggle. The reinforced belt paths add another layer of security to the installation. Both seats have extended rear facing capability and can be rear facing in the car until your child weighs a whopping 50 pounds! 

Nuna Rava in LakeNuna Rava in Granite

Nuna Rava

   The Nuna Rava is strictly a convertible car seat, meaning it will last until your child weighs 65 pounds (approximately 4 or 5 years old). This is a shorter lifespan than the Nuna Exec, but still buys you several years before you purchase a booster seat and is quite typical in the baby gear industry. Some families prefer shorter span car seats because they often fit your child’s developmental stages better than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ car seat would. 

   The Nuna Rava also features an adjustable leg room panel that flips out from the car seat itself and affords your little one just a little bit of extra room as they grow. While it is normal, safe, and expected for your child’s feet to touch your vehicle seat back while rear facing, this extra legroom can increase their comfort before turning them forward facing. 

Granite ExecDifferent riding positions for the Nuna Exec

Nuna Exec

   The Nuna Exec is considered an all-in-one car seat. That is, it is suitable from birth until your child weighs 120 pounds or 57 inches tall. This car seat is ideal for families who don’t want to purchase a new car seat every few years and would prefer to have a single car seat until their child is old enough to ride without a car seat. 

  The Nuna Exec has an anti rebound panel built in that stabilizes the car seat during an accident and also helps protect your vehicle seat back from dirty feet. When the car seat is turned forward facing, this anti rebound panel becomes an adjustable leg rest to give extra support to dangling legs. Ventilation panels and knit fabric keep the seat cool and comfortable on long road trips. 

   The seat converts to a high back booster when your child reaches 4 years old, 40 pounds, and 38 inches tall. The five point harness stores away and spring touch shoulder belt guides make it easy for your little passenger to get themselves buckled in properly. 

  Need help finding the perfect convertible car seat for your family? Get in touch with our gear gurus for a one-on-one virtual consultation, email us your questions at, or call us at 866-600-BEAN (2326).
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Mike John - March 22, 2021

My wife and I looking for detachable head support for our six months old boy. Is it good? Also what about this list

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