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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
The Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board: how to install it

The Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board: how to install it

bugaboo comfort wheeled stroller board installed on bugaboo cameleon stroller


So I just spent a good deal of time putting together my first Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board, and while this product is super cool, the installation isn’t as intuitive as I’d hoped. For parents with a baby to hold and a toddler running around, I imagine that it would be really frustrating trying to figure out how to install this bad boy on your own. So that’s why we’ll happily install yours in any Magic Beans store – but if you’re not right nearby, this guide should help you get the job done!

BEFORE YOU GET STARTED: you’ll need adapters in order to attach the Comfort Wheeled Board to your Bugaboo stroller. The adapter depends on your stroller model, so make sure you get the right one!

Okay, here’s the fun part…

Step One: Lock the stroller and remove the seat.

Step Two: Assemble the board.

In the Comfort Wheeled Board box you will get a custom hex key, two screws, the board, two extenders, the single wheel, and the seat. Put the seat and the wheel to the side – you can attach those later on. The side of the board with the Bugaboo logo is the bottom; this piece pops out and leaves a hole through the base, where the wheel will go later. Take the extenders and attach them onto the board. You will put the rounded part upwards. On the top side of the board there are two circular holes; this is where you will put the two screws. Without these screws the extenders can be pulled off of the base with little effort, so use the hex key to screw these in.

bugaboo 1bugaboo 2bugaboo 3bugaboo 4bugaboo 5bugaboo 6bugaboo 7








Step Three: Attach the adapters to the board.

The one that I am assembling for this email and the Prudential floor model is going to be on the Bee3, so I have a set of Bee adapters. These adapters are slightly different from the Cameleon3 ones that I had put together earlier, but the process is essentially the same. I imagine that to be the case with the Buffalo/Donkey adapters as well, but I’m not totally sure.

bugaboo 8bugaboo 9





The adapter box will have the two adapters for the stroller and four screws (there were four in the Cameleon3 adapter box as well, again not sure about the Buffalo/Donkey but I imagine it’s the same.) You have to clip the adapters to the board with the slide-in attachment. This will lock in by pulling down on the white clip on the extender. You will hear a very faint click when it’s in all the way, and won’t be able to pull the piece off. Nice and secure!

bugaboo 10bugaboo 11bugaboo 12





So now you want to put the board on the stroller. With the Cameleon, and I imagine the Buffalo/Donkey, you want to snap it on the bar. There will be space on either side; this is totally normal, since you want to be able to move the piece from side to side. With the Bee3, it’s a little trickier. You will have to remove the straps of the storage basket and line the adapters up against the frame where the storage basket was attached. The board on this model will not be able to move back and forth. Once the adapters are lined up, you need to put the screws into the adapters. Without the screws, the adapters will not lock onto the stroller.

bugaboo 13bugaboo 14bugaboo 15bugaboo 16bugaboo 17









On the Cameleon3, flipping the board all the way up helps a lot, but on the Bee3, you really want to just flip the whole stroller upside down. Otherwise, you have to blindly tighten the screws, and with the custom hex key, that can be tricky. There are two holes in the adapters, where you will put the screws. You can see these holes in the middle picture. When I spoke to the Bugaboo representative, she warned me not to tighten the screws all of the way because it could damage the plastic. *On the Bee3, remember to re-velcro the straps to the storage basket!*

bugaboo 19bugaboo 20bugaboo 21bugaboo 22bugaboo 23









Step Four: Attach the wheel and seat to the board.

This part is pretty straightforward. Get the wheel and the seat from the box, and line them up with the corresponding holes on the board. The wheel will click through the central hole (where the Bugaboo logo was) and the seat will click into the three holes surrounding that central one. In order to lock these pieces in, you need to pull out the white tab on the board and press the seat/wheel in. You will hear a faint click, and after it’s done correctly, you will be unable to pull the pieces out. I’ve been putting the wheel in first and then putting all of my body weight on the seat to get everything locked in.
Step Five: Stroll away!

You’re all set! The board will flip up if you need to move it out of the way. The seat and wheel are easily removed, but the board itself is not easy to remove from the stroller. It is recommended that you keep it attached to the stroller full-time, since removal and re-attachment can damage the plastic and are kind of annoying. Yes, it will be off-center, but this is intentional – it’s meant to provide you with more walking space and space to hang your bag.

bugaboo comfort wheeled board fully installed on bugaboo bee stroller


Again: if you’re near Boston, or near Fairfield, CT, don’t go it alone – let us install the Comfort Wheeled Board for you! Every store will have at least one Beanster who has installed at least one Wheeled Board for a customer or a floor model, so we’ll be happy to take this task off your hands. Or, if you’re farther afield and any of this is unclear, give us a call at 866-600-2326 or drop us an email and we’ll help you troubleshoot the process.


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