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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
New for 2015: Bugaboo stroller updates!

New for 2015: Bugaboo stroller updates!

2015 is going to be an exciting year for Bugaboo, with the Bugaboo Runner jogging stroller attachment and the Bugaboo Stand on the way! Plus, Bugaboo’s commitment to superior design means that they’re constantly improving their current stable of models as well, and so small tweaks have been made to the Cameleon 3, the Donkey, and the Buffalo. The prices will be changing as well, but we haven’t gotten that info yet; for the time being, here’s how Bugaboo is going to make your life easier in 2015!



The upgraded stroller harness already featured on the Bugaboo Bee 3 stroller is now coming to the other three models! The new harness allows you to adjust the five straps separately for length, so you can make room for your child as he grows up and out. The straps are easier to reach, find, and snap together, with no closed loops – just click each one into the central buckle, which is now marked with the traditional Bugaboo white to indicate an interactive part. When it’s time for your child to get out of the stroller, the harness straps all pop out in a single click! The safety warnings have also been repositioned, for a more elegant and streamlined look.

bugaboo new harness



Metal pins that formerly were used to attach the rain cover have been removed from the outside of the frame – just one unnecessary detail that has been streamlined away! The new seat fabrics with this design will be backwards-compatible to existing seat frames, and the Cameleon+.

cameleon new frame


In response to upcoming safety standards, the handlebar has been tweaked just a little into a more angular shape.

donkey handlebar



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