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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Cybex Coya Stroller

Cybex Coya Stroller

Cybex Coya Magic Beans Youtube Review 

Traveling with children is hard, and we know sometimes it feels like you'd do just about anything to make that experience a little easier. Travel strollers are one of the best choices a family can make in that situation: Lighter than regular strollers, and often built with collapsibility and folding functions, they are the clear frontrunner for a stroller you can travel with. Despite this, they often fall short in ease of use and comfort because of these features. But why should you have to sacrifice yours and your child’s comfort to take them with you? While there are many amazing travel stroller options that balance functionality with amenity, in this article we will be discussing the newest offering from Cybex, the Coya. Make sure to check out our in depth video review of the Cybex Coya here, too. 
Cybex Coya Stroller

Luxury in a Compact Package: The Cybex Coya Stroller

The Cybex Coya, available at Magic Beans, is the latest compact travel stroller from Cybex. Among its many features are the easy folding and lightweight components Cybex travel strollers are known for, but what makes it truly special is its luxurious feel and design. But before we talk about the latter, it is important to note the features underneath the design that make the Cybex Coya a reliable travel option. 
Cybex Coya Stroller

What are the Features of the Cybex Coya

Front wheel suspension

The Cybex Coya utilizes spring driven front wheel suspension to ensure an effortless push over rough surfaces or bumps and a comfortable, smooth ride for your baby. 
Cybex Coya Wheel
Seat recline mechanism
The stroller seat easily reclines with a simple pull of the tab on the back of its exterior. 
Cybex Coya Stroller
Breathable back mesh section
Underneath its soft, padded seat inlay, the Cybex Coya is covered with breathable mesh to keep its passenger cool and comfortable. 
Under 15 pound weight
The Cybex Coya is incredibly lightweight, coming in at under 15 pounds, which makes it super easy to travel with and even easier to carry up stairs, curbs, and more. 
Harness system
Cybex Coya Harness
The buckle and harness system used by the Cybex Coya is the same technology you would find in a car seat. It features a single point tether for tightening and loosening the trimmed buckle, which is far easier than tightening buckles one by one like in many other strollers. 
Extendable Canopy
The Cybex Coya also protects from the sun with a 3 split section extendable canopy that can be deployed by unzipping the first two sections and pulling them apart. The canopy is made from a woven UPF50+ fabric, and even when it is fully opened the seat is still visible through a breathable mesh section in the top of the canopy. 
Cybex Coya Stroller
The undercarriage of the Cybex Coya is outfitted with a storage basket that can hold up to an additional 11 pounds. This basket includes mesh siding to make sure your belongings are secure. In addition, just in front of the handle at the top of the stroller, there is a small zipper pouch for even more storage.
Cybex Coya Stroller


How Does the Cybex Coya Make Travel Easy? 

The Cybex Coya’s advantageous weight and banquet of features make it a great choice, sure, but what really makes it one of the pinnacle examples of today’s travel strollers is its easy to use folding function and car travel system.
Cybex Coya Stroller

How Does the Cybex Coya Folding System Work? 

The Cybex Coya folds simply by pushing the button at the back of the handle in while pushing the handle down. With that single step, the entire stroller collapses down. Next, the stroller’s carry strap will be exposed. Pulling up on this strap completes the folding process, and readies the stroller for either ergonomic carrying with the easy to use handle and strap, or storage in tight spaces like overhead compartments or packed trunks. Yes, the Cybex Coya is carry-on compliant, and fits in the overhead bins of most commercial flights.


Can you Use the Cybex Coya with a Car Seat as a Travel System?

Despite its compact size and low weight, the Cybex Coya is infant car seat compatible and  can be used as a travel system. Pair with the latest gen Cybex infant car seats like the Cybex Cloud G Lux.
Cybex Cloud G Lux Comfort Extend Infant Car Seat
Simply snap on the included adaptors, and you are ready to attach a car seat. The Cybex Cloud G Lux pairs perfectly with the Coya, because when installed on the stroller, it has a recline feature as well. This keeps your child from being in the cramped car seat position all day. You can find a detailed explanation and showcase of the Cybex Coya and all its features on our YouTube channel.
The Cybex Coya fits all these features and functions into a compact and strikingly stylish package. It is available in 15 different colorway options, with our personal favorite being the sepia black and rose gold combination. The Cybex Coya employs gorgeous design elements throughout, like its stitched leatherette handlebar complete with an inlay of the Cybex logo. Details like this and rose gold elements on the frame and buckle in various colorways allow the Cybex Coya to maintain an extremely high quality look and feel despite being a compact travel option. The matte finishes look fantastic as well, and we love the look of the smooth spokeless wheels. 

How Does the Cybex Coya Compare to Other Travel Strollers


Now you’ve heard all the reasons we recommend the Cybex Coya. But how does it compare to other strollers of its class? Next in this article, we will compare the Cybex Coya to five similar travel strollers: The Nuna TRVL, Bugaboo Butterfly, Babyzen YOYO 2, Bumprider Connect 3, and UPPAbaby Minu V2. All these strollers are also fantastic travel options with great levels of comfort and convenience for your little ones. Comparing them side by side with the Cybex Coya is the best way to discover the benefits and drawbacks of each, which is why in the following section we will give a precise summary of the most important factors they do and do not share with the Cybex Coya. For a detailed video comparison, check out our YouTube video on the subject here
Cybex Coya Stroller vs Popular Lightweight Travel Stroller Magic Beans Youtube Review

Nuna Trvl

Nuna Trvl Stroller
The Nuna TRVL is a very popular travel stroller option from Nuna. Weighing in at 13.6 lbs, the Nuna TRVL is nearly 2 pounds less than the Cybex Coya, while still packing many similar functions in its extremely lightweight frame. Like the Cybex Coya, the Nuna TRVL also boasts a UPF 50+ canopy, undercarriage storage, and car seat compatible travel system. However, there are some important differences to note: First, one benefit of the Nuna TRVL is its extremely fast and easy folding system. Just one touch to the handle, and the entire stroller folds down into an easy to transport package. However, it collapses into a larger folded footprint than the Cybex Coya, which could make the latter easier to store in small compartments like the overhead storage on a flight. In addition, the Nuna TRVL Stroller  is compatible with Nuna infant car seats, whereas the Cybex Coya is compatible with Cybex products. Check out our full review of the Nuna Trvl here.

Bugaboo Butterfly

Bugaboo Butterfly Stroller
 The Bugaboo Butterfly, on the other hand, weighs in at 16 pounds, making it slightly heavier than the Cybex Coya. However, while folded it manages to maintain a very similar footprint to the folded Cybex Coya. In addition, the Bugaboo Butterfly’s seat height is slightly taller, at 22 inches versus the Cybex Coya’s 19 inch seat, and it has four wheel suspension rather than front wheel suspension. The Bugaboo Butterfly stroller  is compatible with the Bugaboo Turtle Air along with Nuna, Cybex, Clek and Maxi Cosi infant car seats. Check out our full review of the Bugaboo Butterfly here.

Babyzen Yoyo2

Babyzen YOYO2 Stroller 6+

The Babyzen YOYO2 is a highly reliable travel stroller with a very small footprint while folded, only slightly larger than the Cybex Coya. However, the folding feature is slightly more complicated to operate, folding at the base of the seat instead of the handle. The Babyzen YOYO2 stroller  is also car seat compatible, using Babyzen car seat adaptors to create a travel system. Similar to the Bugaboo Butterfly the Babyzen YOYO2 is compatible with Nuna, Clek, Cybex and Maxi Cosi infant car seats. Ultimately, the Babyzen YOYO2 is an incredibly flexible and versatile option. Check out our full review of the Babyzen YOYO2 here.
Bumprider Connect 3 Stroller
First and foremost, the Bumprider Connect 3 has the very unique ability to turn two completely independent single strollers into a double stroller, simply by attaching them at the central adaptor located to the side of the seat. This function makes it perfect for larger families, or families expecting twins. The folding mechanism, while similar to that of the YOYO2 in its method, still allows the Bumprider Connect 3 to maintain a similar footprint to the Cybex Coya when folded. However, at a weight of 19.7 pounds, the Bumprider Connect 3 is significantly heavier than the Cybex Coya. Bumprider offers an infant car seat adapter to allow the Connect 3 to be used as a travel system with Nuna, Clek, Cybex and Maxi Cosi infant car seats. Check out our full review of the Bumprider Connect 3 here
UPPAbaby Minu V2
The Uppababy Minu V2 folds very quickly and easily, just like the Cybex Coya. However, it does have a larger footprint than the latter when completely folded. In addition, the Uppababy Minu V2, while compatible with Uppababy Mesa infant car seats, can also use Uppababy’s adaptors for Nuna, Clek, Cybex, and Maxi Cosi car seats making it an incredibly versatile travel system. Yet at 16.9 pounds, it does remain on the heavier side compared to the Cybex Coya. Check out our full review of the Uppababy Minu V2 here
If you’d like to check out even more fantastic travel strollers, also be sure to watch our 2023 travel stroller comparison video here that takes you through all of the latest travel options, including the strollers discussed in this article like the Cybex Coya.
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