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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Bugaboo Fox2 | Stroller First Look ( Ratings | Review )

Bugaboo Fox2 | Stroller First Look ( Ratings | Review )

Let’s get a little wild! Just like the curious critter that its named after, the Bugaboo Fox has long captured the attention of admirers around the world. This Fox fascination isn’t about to let up, either, especially with the announcement of the new Bugaboo Fox2!


Side view of the Bugaboo Fox2 stroller; it has a red canopy and sits in a showroom atop a white platform that reads "Bugaboo Fox2".

The Bugaboo Fox2 is Bugaboo’s newest iteration of the beloved Fox stroller. Having just debuted at the Kinder + Jugend trade show, there isn’t a ton of information available on what updates Bugaboo has made on the Fox2. However, Magic Beans has the inside scoop on what to expect from this fan-favorite stroller, and trust us, folks: it’s all good news.

Head-on view of the Bugaboo Fox2 stroller; you can see the mesh peekaboo window in the stroller's red canopy.

The biggest difference between the Fox and the Fox2 can be seen in the Fox2’s canopy. The Fox2 canopy has not just one, but TWO peekaboo windows, one near the front of the canopy and one in the back. This unique canopy design allows for more airflow and ventilation, making each and every stroll just a little bit cooler (literally!)

Another change that can be seen in the Fox2’s design is its brand-new wheel design. Looking to lighten the weight of their full-size strollers, Bugaboo has designed newer, lighter wheels that still provide a smooth stroll. The Bugaboo Fox2 is one of the first strollers to have these wheels, and they really work! Moving your Bugaboo stroller in and out of the car just got a little easier. 

The last major update to the Bugaboo Fox’s design can be seen in the Fox2’s new-and-improved belly bar. Instead of having a complicated, hard-to-move belly bar, the Fox2 has a straightforward latching mechanism that keeps the belly bar secure when it needs to be, but easy to move when it comes to moving your child in or out of the stroller. Simply press on the latch and lift the bar! Strollers have never been so simple. 


magic beans boston front view

The release date for the Bugaboo Fox2 has not yet been announced, but we anticipate it being available sometime in 2020.

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