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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans

Nuna EXEC All-in-One Car Seat


Ships in 1 - 3 weeks


The Nuna Exec all-in-one car seat is the long term car seat solution you’ve been dreaming of! Gone are the days of buying a new car seat for your child every few years… that gets costly very quickly! Instead, the Nuna Exec grows with your child from newborn until they graduate from car seats altogether

Enhanced Safety Features:

When looking for a car seat for your child, safety should always be your priority. The Nuna Exec provides industry leading safety features for your child in the event of an accident so you can ride confidently.

Generous Anti-Rebound Panel 

The Nuna Exec has a generous anti-rebound panel that stabilizes the car seat and minimizes movement during a crash while rear facing

Aeroflex Side Impact Protection Panels

Aeroflex side impact protection panels provide impact absorption for crash forces associated with side impacts. Aeroflex foam is a high grade EPP foam that is less brittle and more flexible than the EPS foam commonly found in car seats in the US. Since it is more flexible that EPS foam, it is less likely to snap on impact.

Steel Frame and Reinforced Belt Path

The Nuna Exec is built with a steel frame and reinforced belt path for maximum security and superior protection.

Is the Nuna Exec Chemical Flame Retardant Free?

Like the Nuna Rava convertible car seat and Nuna Pipa Series infant car seats, the Nuna Exec is made totally free from any flame retardant chemical treatments. Instead of using added fire retardant chemicals, Nuna has sourced naturally flame retardant fabrics and foams to make their car seats so you don’t have to worry about chemical off-gassing and emissions harming your baby.

How long can you use the Nuna EXEC car seat?

One of the best features of the Nuna Exec is its extra long lifespan! Four different ways to ride ensure that your child is always as safe as possible in the car and fitted securely (and comfortably) in the Exec. Stage one with the Nuna Exec rear facing in your vehicle and an infant insert accommodates newborn babies starting at just 5 pounds. As your baby grows, remove the infant insert for stage two of use as a rear-facing car seat up to 50 pounds. When it’s time to transition from rear facing to forward facing, stage three lets your child sit facing the front using the five-point harness from 25-65 pounds. Once your little passenger is ready to use a seat belt on their own, stage four allows you to store away the five point harness and use the Nuna Exec as a high back booster until your child is 120 pounds.

Can you fit 3 Nuna EXEC car seats side by side?

Yes! Since it measures only 18.5 inches wide, it is possible to fit three Nuna Exec car seats side by side in the backseat.

Premium Convenience Features:

Extended Leg Room and Vehicle Seat Protector

The anti rebound panel in rear facing mode doubles as a leg room extender and vehicle seat protector and flips down to become a leg rest when you turn the seat forward facing.

Rethread Five Point Harness and 12-Position Head Support

The no rethread five point harness and 12-position head support can be raised or lowered at any time at the push of a button for easy hassle-free day-to-day adjustments.

Machine Washable Fabric

The soft and comfortable knit fabric is fully removable and machine washable for easy cleanup of spills and blowouts.

Shoulder Belt Guide, Ventilation Panels and Cup Holders

Spring touch shoulder belt guides help your child properly buckle their seat belt in booster mode, and ventilation panels help keep them cool on hot summer days. To put the finishing touches on this all-in-one marvel, dual flip open cup holders ensure your child has plenty of storage for drinks, snacks, and toys.


  • Muscle Free True Tension Installation Doors
  • Chemical Flame Retardant Free
  • Anti Rebound Panel
  • Steel Frame
  • Machine Washable Fabrics
  • Integrated Cup Holders
  • Three Across Compatible
  • Aeroflex Side Impact Panels
  • Magnetic Harness Holders


  • Weight Limit (Rear Facing): 5-50 Pounds
  • Weight Limit (Forward Facing): 25-65 Pounds
  • Weight Limit (Booster Mode): 40-120 Pounds, 4 Years Old
  • Product Dimensions: L 22.5 x W 18.5 x 26-33 Inches
  • Product Weight: 26.6 Pounds