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Who is Penelope Peapod?

I get a lot of mail about new products. And I try really hard to look at everything I get, since I always want to have the new, great thing, whatever it may be. But a product has to be pretty interesting to catch my attention. When I opened the mailing about Penelope Peapod, I was out the door to catch an airplane. But I stopped, put down my bags and called to place an order on the spot. That’s how excited I was about these. When they arrived in our warehouse today, I was delighted to see that they are just as fabulous as I’d hoped they would be.

Penelope Peapod was conceived by a mother of 4 in New York City, who dreamed it up while pregnant with twins last year. The concept is totally unique and adorable. It’s a small, fabric-lined basket with a matching doll, and it can be configured as a purse, a bassinet or a playpen. I love the portability, it’s great for travel and on-the-go entertainment. Also, the lovely and varied designs have a lot of crossover appeal, making this attractive to little girls (and boys!) across a wide age group.

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