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Use iPlay baby swim diapers: everyone in the pool will thank you!

Use iPlay baby swim diapers: everyone in the pool will thank you!

Many thanks to Diana Toma in our Brookline store for all the great info!

swimming-babyDid you know that most pools have to shut down for up to 24 hours after fecal matter has been discovered in the pool in order to disinfect and re-sanitize the water? Not only is that super-gross, but it ruins the day of everyone who was hoping to have a nice swim.

That’s why most swimming pools and swim classes actually ban disposable diapers: they just don’t do a good job of keeping poop in the diaper. Also:

  1. They can soak up too much water and weigh down your child, which is hazardous.
  2. The absorbing gel beads can wreck havoc on the pool’s filtering system.
  3. They’re one of the main contributors to waterborne diseases, like E. Coli, which can be spread by fecal matter that easily leaks out of disposable diapers and into the water.

Ew! These are all good reasons to go with iPlay Swim Diapers and iPlay bathing suits with swim diapers included: instead of putting your kid in a regular diaper just to watch it bloat up with pool water and stretch until it doesn’t hold anything inside, they have a sewn-in diaper that will maintain its shape and size and do a far better job of keeping everything contained.

We’ve sold iPlay swim diapers for years, and we’ve gotten rave reviews from tons of local parents! And they’re welcome at local pools like the one at Boston University and the Aquatics Center of Brookline.

So if you’ve got baby signed up for her first swimming lesson, get iPlay! You’ll be glad you did… and so will everyone else.


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