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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
UPPAbaby Vista Stroller 2019 | Full Review!

UPPAbaby Vista Stroller 2019 | Full Review!

UPPAbaby Vista Stroller 2019 | Full Review and 2019 Updates!

UPPAbaby has developed itself into a company created by parents for parents, because they understand this whole parenting thing can be pretty tough sometimes! UPPAbaby offers a wide range of options within their fleet from the G-Lite umbrella stroller to their long-loved, full size Vista Stroller. They pride themselves on creating strollers that can easily adapt to any lifestyle, from suburban to city. UPPAbaby has just, quite literally, rolled out their UPPAbaby Vista Stroller 2019 and we could not be more excited about its arrival!

To review, the UPPAbaby Vista has been the go-to stroller for parents in recent years due to its ability to seamlessly transition from a single to a double stroller. Customers often compare the Vista to a similar contender, the Silver Cross Wave. The Wave operates with a primary focus comparable to the Vista being a rather practical single-to-double option, however it does offer a slightly higher price tag. The Silver Cross Wave begins at $1,299 while the Vista starts at a more modest $899.

The UPPAbaby Vista Stroller is the bulldog of most stroller squads, as its aluminum frame and overall rugged build offer a smooth ride for both baby and parent. Whenever I demonstrate the functions of the Vista to expecting parents, I love to zero in on the general build of the Vista’s frame, the wheels, and its more-than-efficient closing operations. The Vista’s framework allows for the weight held by the stroller (kiddo) to be dispersed into quadrants for a unique and smooth push. The frame offers two main pieces that each extend to the front wheels, while the back wheels are supported by the thicker bars towards the bottom. This allows the life of the wheels to be extended and for their polyurethane filling to smooth out those cracks and “speed” bumps in the road!

As far as closing operations go, the Vista offers a surprisingly simple procedure! By pulling up on the two grey triggers under the handlebar and pushing down on the top of the frame, the stroller practically folds itself and turns into an extremely compact piece, which makes storage a breeze. Did I mention it also is freestanding when folded?

The major 2019 UPPAbaby Vista update offers a new and vibrant line of colors, Bryce (off-white with chestnut leather handles), William (chambray with navy leather handles), and Spenser (yellow plaid with moss leather handles). As far as overall functionality, the Vista operates the same as its 2018 model counterpart. I always say, “Don’t fix what isn’t broken!” and the Vista certainly continues to offer a top-of-the-line experience!

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