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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
UPPAbaby Vista V2 vs UPPAbaby Cruz V2

UPPAbaby Strollers Compared: VISTA V2 vs. CRUZ V2 | Best Strollers | Magic Beans Reviews

 The UPPAbaby Vista V2 and UPPAbaby Cruz V2 are two top-of-the-line strollers from our friends at UPPAbaby. At first glance they may look similar, but the differences are in the details!

The Vista V2 stroller is bigger than the Cruz V2. It also offers a larger and more spacious storage basket and larger wheels. While both can accommodate a Bassinet, the Vista V2 includes it with your purchase and it has the capacity to convert to a double stroller. The Cruz V2 is a lighter, more compact single stroller.

UPPAbaby Vista V2 vs. UPPAbaby Cruz V2


Check out the video below where Eli compares these two stellar strollers so you can choose the best stroller for your family and read on to see our detailed comparison.

Magic Beans Youtube review UPPAbaby Vista V2 vs. UPPAbaby Cruz V2

Vista V2 vs. Cruz V2: Single, Double & Triple Configurations

Both the Vista V2 and Cruz V2 are great options if you’re a new parent looking for a stroller from birth. However, there are a few distinct differences between these strollers that can help you decide which is best for your family. The Vista V2 is known for its expandability, while the Cruz V2 is primarily designed for a single child. If you’re looking for a stroller that has the ability to grow with your family, the Vista V2 is the stroller for you as it has the ability to convert to a double stroller later on, the Cruz V2 does not. 

Vista V2 vs. Cruz V2: Single Configuration

The Vista V2 and the Cruz V2 offer a similar single configuration. The toddler seat is reversible allowing your child to either parent face or world face. Both seats offer a multi-position recline which allows your child comfort for naps or the ability to sit upright to take in the sights.

UPPAbaby Cruz V2

The Cruz V2 is primarily designed for a single child. It can be used from birth with the separate purchase of the UPPAbaby Bassinet, UPPAbaby Infant Snug Seat or an infant car seat.  The addition of the UPPAbaby Bassinet provides an extra layer of convenience allowing parents to smoothly transition napping babies without any disturbance. For parents who choose to pass on the UPPAbaby Bassinet, the included Cruz V2 toddler seat can be used from birth by adding the UPPAbaby Infant Snug Seat. The UPPAbaby Infant Snug Seat fills in the toddler seat to create a suitable position for newborns. Both the Infant Snug Seat and Bassinet provide a more preferable lay-flat position for longer periods of stroller use. For quick trips in and out of the car the Cruz V2 can also be paired with a variety of infant car seats. If you have one child and don't anticipate needing multiple seating options, the Cruz V2 may be more streamlined for your needs.

UPPAbaby Vista V2 with Mesa Max


Vista V2 vs. Cruz V2: Double Configuration

The Cruz V2 does not allow for another seat to be added to the frame, while the Vista V2 does. With the addition of the Rumble Seat to your Vista V2, you can convert your single stroller to a double. The Rumble Seat V2 can recline and be used forward and parent-facing. 

UPPAbaby Vista V2 with Rumble Seat

The Vista V2 is known for its convertibility, making it a great investment for parents looking to quickly expand their families. 

Piggyback Ride-On Board

If you have an older child that loves to stand more than sit, both the Vista V2 and Cruz V2 are ride-on-board compatible. UPPAbaby offers a ride-on-board specifically designed to fit each individual stroller.  Both the Cruz V2 PiggyBack and Vista V2 Piggyback easily attach directly to the back of your Cruz V2 or Vista V2 stroller frame, with no need for extra adapters. Each board can be quickly flipped up to a stored position when not in use, allowing older children the option to hitch a ride when they are too tired to walk on their own.

UPPAbaby Cruz with Piggyback

Vista V2 vs. Cruz V2: Triple Configuration

If you’ve got three little ones, the Vista V2 has you covered. With the toddler seat, Rumble Seat, and the addition of the Vista V2 PiggyBack, the Vista V2 allows for three to come along for every outing. 

UPPAbaby Bassinet 

A bassinet is a great accessory that allows for you to stroll with your little one from day one. Whether for naps on the go or overnight sleeping, a bassinet is the ideal environment for newborns.

UPPAbaby Cruz V2 with UPPAbaby Bassinet

Both the Vista V2 and Cruz V2 can accommodate the UPPAbaby Bassinet. The Vista V2 includes the UPPAbaby Bassinet with your purchase, while you need to purchase it as an added accessory for the Cruz V2. Add a second UPPAbaby Bassinet to your Vista V2 for twins.  

UPPAbaby Bassinet Stand

The UPPAbaby Bassinet provides a perfect overnight sleep solution when paired with the UPPAbaby Bassinet Stand. Simply move baby from stroller to stand with the easy one-hand release button! Extend the use of your stand when you’ve outgrown it and use it as a hamper with the addition of the Bassinet Stand Hamper Insert accessory. 

UPPAbaby Bassinet Stand with Hamper Inserts

Vista V2 vs. Cruz V2: Suspension, Steering & Tires

When it comes to suspension, steering, and tires, there are small differences between the Vista V2 and Cruz V2


Both the Cruz V2 and Vista V2 feature puncture free, foam filled tires. The Vista V2 has larger wheels than the Cruz V2.  The larger wheels ensure a smoother ride for your child, even on the roughest surfaces. The Cruz V2 features slightly smaller wheels, making it more maneuverable in urban settings and tight spaces. While both strollers offer excellent maneuverability, the Vista V2's wheels are better suited for those who plan to explore a variety of terrains, while the Cruz V2's wheels excel in urban environments where maneuverability is key.

Vista V2 vs. Cruz V2: Suspension

Both the Vista V2 and the Cruz V2 have an all-wheel suspension system to ensure a smooth ride for both parent and child. 

Vista V2 vs. Cruz V2: Steering

While the Vista V2 is versatile, it's also slightly larger and heavier compared to the Cruz V2. This can make it a bit more challenging to maneuver in crowded spaces or narrow pathways. 

The Cruz V2 shines in terms of maneuverability. Its more compact design and lighter weight make it exceptionally easy to navigate through tight spaces and busy city streets. If you're frequently on the go or live in an urban environment, the Cruz V2 may be the better choice for you.

Vista V2: 8" polyurethane front  tires and 11.5" polyurethane rear tires

Cruz V2: 7" polyurethane front  tires and 10" polyurethane rear tires

Vista V2 vs. Cruz V2: Weight

Both the Vista V2 and Cruz V2 are similar in weight. The Cruz V2 weighs 1.5 pounds less than the Vista V2. The Vista V2 weighs 27 pounds and the Cruz V2 weighs 25.5lbs. 

Vista V2 vs. Cruz V2: Folded Dimensions 

Both strollers offer a one-handed fold and stand on their own when folded. While both the Vista V2 and Cruz V2 are similar in size, the Cruz V2 is slimmer in the width, which is why it’s considered more of a compact stroller. See the folded dimensions below:

Vista V2: 17.3” L x 25.7” W x 33.3” H

Cruz V2: 16.5” L x 22.8” W x 33” H

UPPAbaby Vista V2 vs Cruz V2 folded

Vista V2 vs. Cruz V2: Comfort and Convenience? 

There’s a reason UPPAbaby is a top choice among parents. Their strollers provide everything you need for you and your child while along for the ride.


Vista V2 vs. Cruz V2: Canopy & Seat Recline

Both the Cruz V2 and the Vista V2 have a fully expandable, UV Protection canopy; a toddler seat that can be reversed; and a one-handed recline.

UPPAbaby Vista V2

Vista V2 vs. Cruz V2: Storage

The Vista V2 offers a larger storage basket, which is especially handy for parents with multiple children or those who like to carry a lot of supplies.

The Cruz V2 has a smaller storage basket compared to the Vista V2. However, it still provides ample space for essentials and is much larger than the storage baskets featured on competing single strollers offered by other brands. 

UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Storage

Vista V2 vs. Cruz V2: Cleaning

We know babies and toddlers are messy. It’s recommended to spot clean fabrics and frame. 

Which stroller is right for you?

We know there’s a lot that goes into deciding which stroller is right for your family. If you’re deciding between the Vista V2 and Cruz V2, there are a few key differences to keep in mind.. If you’re planning on using this with your growing family, the Vista V2 can turn to a double stroller, the Cruz V2 can not. Both strollers can accommodate the UPPAbaby Bassinet. The Vista V2 comes with the bassinet while the Cruz V2 does not. Both the Vista V2 seat and the Cruz V2 seat are rated from 6 months and up. The Cruz V2 stroller is slightly lighter weight and has a smaller overall footprint and slightly more compact fold while the Vista V2 is larger allowing it to convert to a double and support the weight of two children. 

If you’re a parent who prefers a smaller stroller or does not have a need for a double or are not worried about converting to a double in the future, the Cruz V2 is a better option for you. 



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