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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Tummy Time, Play Gyms, and new YouTube Series

Tummy Time, Play Gyms, and new YouTube Series

You’ve probably heard doctors and parents around the globe sing their “tummy time” praises. And they’re absolutely right! Tummy time is an activity that your baby should try out even from the day you come home from the hospital. Alright, maybe you can take a nap first. But that’s it.

Tummy time is “placing a baby on his or her stomach while awake and supervised.” It helps your baby form strong head and neck muscles while promoting motor skills. Your baby will likely be sleeping on their back, so tummy time gives them a chance to move their neck and lift their head all on their own. Not all babies will love tummy time at first, but it’s important to implement it regardless. Think of it as the first of many annoying things you’ll do to help them in the long run. Read more in the Mayo Clinic’s “Infant and Toddler Health” section.

Okay, we get it Magic Beans, tummy time is cool. How can you help? Play Gyms are a staple in every newborn household and the perfect registry item. Their overall design is typically the same: a comfy mat with arches and dangling toys attached to them. Our most popular brands in this arena are Tiny Love and Skip Hop.

Tiny Love: You can find adorable Tiny Love play gyms around the country. They’re very classic in design and function with primary colors and cute characters.

Skip Hop: One of our favorite brands at Magic Beans, Skip Hop designs beautiful and on-trend play gyms and other baby essentials. Their Silver Lining Activity Gym even comes with a tummy time pillow!

See Tiny Love and Skip Hop Play Gyms in the first installment of Eli’s new YouTube series! He’ll be telling you all about the awesome toys we have in-store and online. And, of course, it only made sense that he started with Play Gyms. They’re one of the first toys that your baby will interact with. Check out the video:

Have any questions about play gyms or any other toys or gear? Email us at If you’re more of an appointments person, book a free consultation with one of our gear gurus.

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