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The NEW Nuna Pipa Lite vs. the Nuna Pipa | Infant car seats

The NEW Nuna Pipa Lite vs. the Nuna Pipa | Infant car seats

As the 5.3-pound Nuna Pipa Lite hoopla unfolds, we know your next question:

“So what else is different between this and the Nuna Pipa?” 

A few things, actually! To create a Pipa that’s 5.3 pounds, some clever changes were made to the original. You’ll never have to compromise, though. The Pipa Lite has the superior safety features that you’d expect from a brand new Nuna infant car seat. Check out our introductory blog to the Nuna Pipa Lite here.

The big difference lies in what it’s made out of and how it’s made. They’ve fused plastic and EPP foam and employed their state-of-the-art manufacturing process to create a thinner, resilient shell. The outcome is a tough yet lightweight seat. In terms of aesthetics, the Pipa Lite’s micro-knit fabric is another smarter and lighter addition.  They’ve also added a comfortable and luxurious leather-look carry handle.

The original Pipa has no fire retardants added to any material that touches the baby, while the Pipa Lite has no fire retardants added whatsoever! You and your baby will also love the Lite’s memory foam headrest. They’ll enjoy the customized comfort and you can remove the headrest when they grow. Dream Drape fans take note: the Lite doesn’t have this feature. But the biggest deciding factor for families will likely be the Lite’s installation. The Pipa Lite can only be installed with a base, and it can’t be installed in a plane or in a taxi with a seat belt.

For our chart-loving parents, here’s all the info!


Check out our video comparison on our YouTube channel:

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