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Book a Baby Gear Consultation (click here) | Free Shipping $99+

The Door

In the middle of everything else that is hectic in our lives, we’re also doing some work on our house. Which means that in addition to obsessively researching baby gear and toys, I’m also a newly minted expert in tiles, faucets and countertop surfaces. The biggest challenge is actually my kids’ rooms, though. By now, I understand the parameters. Kids’ spaces need to be cozy, welcoming and flexible. There should be a place to work and places to play. Functional space to organize toys (and eventually schoolwork) is essential.

My vague sense of the destination unfortunately doesn’t come with a road map, and I’ll admit I’m a little baffled. So at night, instead of composing blog posts, I surf the web looking for design inspiration. Recently, I found Kidtropolis. Their kids’ spaces are full of wonder and whimsy, and slightly more aspirational than practical. But their Kid Safety Doors are the intersection of function and imagination, and an easy way to transform something as simple as a door into something magical.

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