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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
The Circus is back in town

The Circus is back in town

This is my 14th summer with Sheri’s family in Cape Cod. There are a lot of indications of the time that has passed these many summers – we’re not teenagers anymore. We’re married, we have kids of our own. And Sheri’s littlest sister, just a baby that first summer, is 15 now.

In those early years, Sheri’s parents collected some great toys for their kids, and because those toys only got used a couple of months a year, they managed to stay in pretty good condition. But everyone’s favorite has always been the Playmobil Circus. It has become a sort of rite of passage for the youngest members of the family to earn the designation of being old enough and responsible enough to be allowed to play with the Circus, and now my own kids are delighted to have crossed that threshold. They are having a ball this summer, playing with the flying trapeze artist and the lion tamers.

When we first started Magic Beans, and Sheri met with the Playmobil representative, she told him to make sure we ordered a whole bunch of circuses. She was crushed to learn that it was a discontinued item. But this year’s Toy Fair brought good news – Playmobil redesigned their circus, and now it has arrived in our stores.

The basic set comes with seating for 30 spectators, a ringleader and the flying trapeze. It is a nice big set, and is easy for young kids to manipulate. You can add to the basic ring with additional sets, including a circus band, tightrope walkers, animal trainers and clowns. The circus theme is really unique, and is such fertile ground for imaginative play. As with all Playmobil products, the quality is excellent, and if you take care of the set – like my in-laws did – your grandchildren could enjoy this set too.

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