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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
The Battle of the Lightweight Strollers! UPPAbaby vs. Maclaren vs. BabyZen (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

The Battle of the Lightweight Strollers! UPPAbaby vs. Maclaren vs. BabyZen (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

Update 5/1/2017: Lightweight Umbrella Stroller Comparison 

Weight is only one of many considerations that go into stroller shopping, but most parents agree: at some point, you’re going to want a lightweight. A good umbrella stroller is as sturdy as a full-sized stroller, but takes up way less space, folds more compactly, and is awesome in mass transit. They can’t tackle rough terrain, but that’s not where you’re using your umbrella stroller, anyway – they’re essential for malls and grocery stores, and short trips in the city or suburb.

For today’s product faceoff, we brought out two of our most popular umbrella strollers and a promising new model, too. The UPPAbaby G-Luxe and the Maclaren Quest are well-loved top-sellers at Magic Beans, while the BabyZen YoYo brings a very unique feature to our customers: it folds into a shoulder bag for ultra compactness!

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BabyZen YoYo ($469.90)

Weight: 12.8 lbs
Weight capacity: 33 lbs
Features: comes with rain cover, removable fabric for easy cleaning, recline, compliant with overhead cabin dimensions for flight, high performance Dupont plastics and aluminum, one-handed fold
Accessories: (included) rain cover, carry bag, shoulder strap
Colors: all-black or white frame; red, pink, blue, grey, or black fabric

Uppababy G-Luxe ($219.99 – $229.99) 
Weight: 15 lbs
Weight capacity: 55 lbs
Features: recline, adjustable footrest, comes with cup holder, 5.5″ foam filled rubber tires, kickstand for stand alone
Accessories: rain cover and travel bag
Colors: sebby/teal, mckenna/magenta, ani/ red, drew/orange, jake/black

Maclaren Quest ($269.99) 
Weight: 13.4 lbs
Weight capacity: 55 lbs
Features: 5″ foam filled tires, newborn-suitable recline, adjustable footrest, comes with raincover, viewing window, lifetime warranty
Accessories: cup holder, travel bag and seat liner
Colors: black/silver, charcoal/citadel and black/champagne (colors that we carry)


Jill Hegstad, Magic Beans Head Buyer:

babyzen-yoyo-stroller-BA-BA-1I’m going to focus on the BabyZen YoYo, my all-time favorite umbrella stroller! The great thing about this stroller is the super compact fold, which really extends the use of this stroller – you can actually take it on a plane and store it in the overhead. The YoYo is a rare umbrella stroller that has a one handed fold, which is useful when you need to pick him or her up before walking up stairs, etc.

Plus, the reclinable seat makes the YoYo stroller really fantastic for babies 6 months and up – you can even look through the little window on the canopy to check in on your little one no matter where you are.

Meghan Monroe, Manager, Magic Beans Cambridge:

I love the UPPABaby G-Luxe and Maclaren Quest! The G-Luxe comes with a cup holder, has a pretty great recline and is self standing when folded (which is amazing for traveling). It has an extendable sun shade attached to the canopy that has UV 50 protection. This shade goes way further than any of the other umbrella strollers, which is really nice if your child is snoozing! It also comes in really fun colors.

The Maclaren Quest is a really great, sturdy umbrella stroller. The recline on this baby is way better than any of the other travel strollers. It’s a little heavier and bulkier then the G-Luxe, but it is way more sturdy and can take way more use/beating then the others we carry. The only negative is that its not self-standing when folded.

Chelsea Abbott, Assistant Manager, Magic Beans Brookline:

The Maclaren Quest has a full recline, making it one of the very few umbrella strollers you can start using at birth. It also has an adjustable footrest, and comes with a rain cover. On the other hand, it doesn’t have a standing fold, it’s a smidge heavier than the G-Luxe, its wheels are a little smaller, and so is the sunshade.

The UPPAbaby G-Luxe has larger wheels for a smoother ride, an extra removable and machine-washable layer of padding, an extended sunshade with built-in 50 SPF sun protection, an included cup-holder, and a standing fold. And all this at only 15 pounds!

So even with the Quest’s starting age limit at 0 months, I am still more drawn to the G-Luxe. I feel that it is more comfortable for both the child and the parent. They have the same handlebar height and hold the same weight (55 lbs), so it’s the little things that can make all the difference.

The fact that the G-Luxe stands when folded is appealing to almost everyone I have shown, but it is the large canopy that usually cinches the deal. The 50 SPF canopy can be pulled out to cover the child almost completely, or tucked away on cloudy days (or if it has been really great, long day, when the sun has gone down). The extra padding is great for kiddos who still like to take naps in their strollers, and for parents who can toss it in the laundry when it gets a little scuzzy (just be sure to line-dry). The larger wheels on the G-Luxe make for a smoother ride, and their use of aluminum framing allows the stroller to be durable, while lightweight. All around, a great umbrella stroller for you and your child.

Ali Furneaux, Gear Guru, Magic Beans Brookline:

The Maclaren Quest is definitely a good choice for anyone who needs it for a newborn. But the BabyZen YoYo is my go-to umbrella stroller – I love it! It’s modern, compact, and I LOVE that it folds into a shoulder bag! If you’ve got lots of bags and kids to lug around, you don’t want to have to find somewhere to lean your stroller, and have it sliding down, forcing you to bend down and grab it. Fold the YoYo, let it sit there like a purse, gather your other things, and it’s ready for you to grab it and go! I also love to travel so I know that it would make traveling with children much simpler – kiss gate-checking your stroller goodbye!


If you really need a light and compact stroller to use from the time your baby is born, then the Maclaren Quest is a great choice. However, if you’re not planning on using your umbrella stroller with a newborn, then the standing fold on the G-Luxe or is a terrific feature that really saves some annoyance when your hands are full, so it’s worth the wait to use it! Also with the YoYo, its compact fold will make traveling and getting around with a baby easier.

Ultimately, the umbrella stroller you choose will depend on your lifestyle needs and aesthetic preferences, and every parent is different – chat with one of us and let us help! If you can, come on down to our stores and have a stroller test drive! Whether you’re near or far, our Gear Gurus will be delighted to help you find the stroller of your dreams.

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