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Sunshine Kids Radian car seats on sale thru 3/15

Sunshine Kids Radian 65If you’ve been thinking about transitioning to the next-stage car seat or upgrading your current seat, now’s a great time. For the next 15 days, three of my favorite car seats are on sale at

The Radian 65 and Radian 80 are convertible car seats that fold in half for travel. They are heavy, due to the steel alloy frame, but they are much more compact than other options. The Monterey booster seat is a plush, comfortable and easy-to-adjust belt-positioning booster seat that can be used with children ranging from 30-120 pounds. There are optional LATCH/ISOFIX connectors to keep it securely in place, so it won’t bounce around your car when the kids are at school.

The Radian seats are particularly great, especially for growing families. They have a narrow footprint, making them one of the only convertible car seats that can fit three in a row along a back seat. I use this seat in my car, and I’ve traveled all over the country with it. I would recommend it any day of the week, but all the more so if you can get a good deal. What are you waiting for?

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