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Stroller cleaning for Passover – or just for Spring!

Stroller cleaning for Passover – or just for Spring!

spring-cleaningStroller Cleaning at Magic Beans Fairfield, CT
1530 Post Road
Monday, April 7
11am – 6pm

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Stroller Cleaning at Magic Beans Brookline
312 Harvard Street
Wednesday, April 9
3pm – 7pm

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Stroller Cleaning at Magic Beans Norwell
45 Pond Street
Thursday, April 10
11am – 5pm

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The tradition of spring cleaning just makes sense: it’s an obvious way to get a fresh start on a new year, and you can open the windows to clear out dust and the smell of harsh cleansers. Plus, it’s easier to keep floors clean after the snow is done, since no more mucky boots will be tromping through your house. And every house needs a really thorough scrub periodically – can you think of a better time to do it?

There are Spring Cleaning traditions in many cultures across the world, and one spring cleaning tradition that’s particularly relevant to us and many of our Jewish neighbors and customers is the annual chametz cleaning for Passover. Chametz refers to any food that’s made with leavened grain – bread, pasta, cookies, beer, etc. Because matzah, the unleavened bread that we eat for Passover, is the antithesis of chametz (matzah represents humility, while chametz represents pride) it’s essential to get rid of every single morsel and crumb of chametz before the holiday.*

Traditionally, just giving your house a thorough scrubbing won’t do: you also need to clean any space that you own, including your car, your pocketbook, and yes, your stroller. You don’t have to be cleaning for Passover to participate in our Stroller Cleaning event on April 9 … but if you are, we’re here to help!

We’ll be freshening up strollers for spring from 3pm to 7pm at our Brookline store: just reserve a spot on our Eventbrite page, drop off your stroller when it’s your turn, and you can browse our store while we clean. We will be:

  • Vacuuming your stroller seats and basket and blotting stains
  • Wiping down the stroller frame
  • Cleaning, greasing, and pumping up your stroller tires

This year, our annual Stroller Cleaning event is cosponsored by our friends at the Honest Company, who will be contributing their Multi-Surface Cleaner, their sponges, and their Dish Soap for our cleaning team to use. All of their cleaning products are natural, non-toxic, biodegradable, and smell yummy – you won’t be smelling any icky chemicals when we’re done working our magic!

Getting your stroller cleaned costs only $20 – or, if you spend $50 at the store, your stroller cleaning is free! The event will fill up fast, so reserve your spot today.

* One cool side-note about chametz that’s particularly relevant to the Magic Beans office, which is full of Kosher, gluten-free, and Paleo eaters: the specific grains forbidden during Passover also happen to be grains that folks with gluten intolerance and folks who are on the Paleo diet can’t eat. While a Kosher-for-Passover food isn’t necessarily gluten-free and a gluten-free food is not necessarily Kosher-for-Passover, there is a lot of overlap.


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