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Stokke + Dwell = Swell?

Stokke + Dwell = Swell?

Dwell Bedding for StokkeDwell Baby’s new line of bedding for the Stokke crib has just arrived, and – no surprise – it’s really gorgeous. There’s no lack of good options these days for Stokke’s signature oval-shaped crib. Even the bedding that Stokke is producing is really amazing. I think it’s very forward-thinking of Stokke to actively pursue partnerships with bedding powerhouses like Dwell. Rather than assuming that every Stokke customer would be content with Stokke bedding, they recognize that their crib will have more widespread appeal if there are many choices for bedding rather than few. Good for them, good for Dwell, and good for anyone who’s considering a Stokke nursery. Win, win, win.

But back to Dwell. They’ve done a nice job on these. They’ve selected three patterns for their first Stokke effort, a blue (Robin), a pink (Garden Blossom) and a brown (Chocolate Dots). While the pink is fairly feminine, both the blue and brown are arguably unisex. The sets come with a reversible bumper, a crib sheet and a blanket. I’m not really sure why bedding sets still come with blankets, since parents can’t really use them. It would be more practical to include an extra fitted sheet or two, or maybe a coordinating sleep sack. But at least the Dwell blankets are quite large and poufy, so they’re good for playtime or (much later) for naptime at daycare or preschool.

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