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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans

Sticking together

Magnet MatesEver since I became a parent, and up to this day, Tiny Love remains one of my very favorite infant toy companies. I will never forget the day when, shortly after coming home from the hospital with my first, my husband set up the Tiny Love mobile we received as a baby gift. As my daughter lay on her back enthralled by all the moving pieces, I enjoyed the first real break I’d had in weeks. After that, the three of us (my daugher, the mobile and I) were fast friends. The mobile alone would have been enough to ensure my affection for Tiny Love, but they were also the source of my daughter’s other single favorite possession – her Gymini. Coupled with the ingenious kick wind chimes, the Gymini could occupy my infant’s attention for astonishing lengths of time.

With this personal track record, it’s not surprising that I am always willing to try the new innovations from Tiny Love. Their latest great product has recently arrived, and I’ve been excited about it since I first saw it in concept at a trade show last year.  Magnet Mates are a set of three little creatures with magnets at the ends of their arms and legs. The characters themselves are brightly colored and decked out with engaging extras, like clacking plastic rings, varied textures, rattles, squeakers and mirrors. They stick to each other or to any magnetic surface, and the magnets are strong, but not too strong for an enthusiastic baby.

The Magnet Mates are recommended for ages 6 months and up, and the Tiny Love website (which is really excellent) offers suggestions for maximizing play value for both babies and toddlers.

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