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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans

Special of the week – Cardboard boxes?

Yesterday, the National Toy Hall of Fame announced its newest inductee – the cardboard box. The box, along with other 2005 inductees, Candy Land and the Jack-in-the-Box, will take its place alongside such classic toys like Lego, Frisbee, Raggedy Ann, Barbie, Silly Putty and 26 others.

I’m sure parents everywhere are cheering for this choice, which seems to be especially poignant as toys become more and more high-tech. And maybe this announcement will leave a few people in the toy industry scratching their heads, but anyone who has ever watched a child interact with a cardboard box will understand. It’s the ultimate open-ended plaything, and the bigger the box, the better the game.

Boxes can be found just about anywhere, though large boxes can be expensive (expecially if they still have the refrigerator inside). And although you don’t need to visit a toy store for this particular item, we would like to remind our customers that every internet order ships with a free cardboard box. So the next time a (nice, clean) box comes, from us or anyone else, empty it of any packing materials, check for any staples or other sharp objects, and watch your kid go to town. Or build one.

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