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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Project Nursery: Boston weekend is coming soon! Spotlight on Monte

Project Nursery: Boston weekend is coming soon! Spotlight on Monte

Leading up to our Project Nursery: Boston weekend, we’re profiling participating companies. Get to know our nursery brands, and find the furniture and accessories that are perfect for you!

montechairsAs you learn more about our family of nursery brands, you may note a theme: high-end furniture designers tend to start a business because they can’t find the exact products that they want to use with their family. Like some of the other designers we’ve profiled this week, Ralph and Michelle Montemurro weren’t satisfied with the modern nursery furniture they found on the market. In this case, they focused on chairs. And we are so happy that they did.

Monte Designs specializes in all things restful: rockers and gliders that are perfect for nursing and rocking babies to sleep, as well as matching ottomans, the Ninna Nanna Bassinet/Cradle, and the Dorma Bed. Everything is upholstered in velvety microfiber. Everything is made with sustainable materials. And everything is made to last. According to Ralph,

“Yeah they, we realize, having four kids, that they can and will break anything possible. A big hunk of steel…they will find a way to crack it. So we just try to build furniture…that can fall of the back of a truck and still survive.”

Your decision to purchase a Monte chair will be sealed when you actually sit down in one. Ergonomic design, cushy PBDE-free foam, and removable lumbar pillows ensure that when you sit in a Monte chair, you won’t want to stand up again anytime soon. Babble praised the comfort of the Monte Luca Glider in their review:

“Improper nursing posture can seriously mess with your body after a while. So if you’re planning on nursing your little one in your glider, we can’t think of a better option than the popular Luca. It has a firm back, upright support, and ergonomically designed armrests for the perfect feeding height (even including a removable lumbar pillow for extra back support!). And because the chair’s back is nice and high, you can rest your head and nod off during those late-night feeding sessions.”

Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

monte-squishableBut the ultimate proof that the Monte mission has been successful, however, is the Montemurro house, featured here on Design Milk. When manufacturers use their own products, you know they’re making something good.

You can have a seat in a Monte chair at any of our stores – and if you come to our Project Nursery: Boston events this weekend, you can meet Monte representatives and learn more! Best of all, buying furniture during this event will save you some serious bucks: spending under $1000 on furniture will net you 10% back in the form of a gift card, and spending over $1000 on furniture will net you 15% back as a gift card. Check out the Project Nursery: Boston page for the event schedule and more great deals and giveaways!

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