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#playwithyourtoys on Instagram to win!

#playwithyourtoys on Instagram to win!

zev with legosAs we know from the basics of child development, “Play is the work of the child”: kids pick up all of their physical, social, intellectual, and emotional skills by playing, and toys are the tools. But that sounds a little dreary, doesn’t it? Play shouldn’t feel like work, and the best kind of work, even if you’re an adult, is play!

Surrounded by toys all day every day, our staff members take every opportunity to get playful on our Instagram account, but as much fun as we have with the toys, the ultimate reward of our job is knowing that your kids love ‘em. And who doesn’t love showing off how cute their kiddos are?

brookline fortsSo we’re inviting you to share the joy of toys with us: post your kids playing with their toys on our Instagram, and we’ll enter you to win a $100 gift card! (The winner will be chosen randomly, because we refuse to choose the cutest kid – we love them all!) Just post on Instagram @mbeansdotcom #playwithyourtoys, and we’ll notify a winner on February 1. Good luck!

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