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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Plastic, glass, silicone, steel? Your BPA-free baby bottle options! (ratings/reviews/price)

Plastic, glass, silicone, steel? Your BPA-free baby bottle options! (ratings/reviews/price)

comotomo-feeding-bottle-150-ml-Can you believe all the weird chemicals they use to manufacture plastics? Neither can we, so we stopped selling baby bottles that contain BPA years ago. That doesn’t mean we don’t have a complete and varied bottle selection, though; you’ve got plenty of options to choose from! Here are some of our top picks.



Born Free
Born Free was one of the first companies to actively root out BPA and PVC from their baby bottles, and they’re still one of the best. “They are really nice! For the organic-conscious parent, this is usually their choice,” says Meghan, the manager of Magic Beans Cambridge. A quick rundown of the benefits of Born Free:

  • Available in BPA-free plastic or glass.
  • The ActiveFlow baby bottle venting system does a great job preventing colic!
  • Nipples, collars, valves, and sippy cup spouts and handles are interchangeable.
  • Dishwasher safe!
  • Maybe it’s just me, but I always get this song stuck in my head when I write about Born Free baby bottles…


These rounded silicone bottles are as cute as a button and great for babies who are primarily breastfed! “It resembles a breast, so kids tend to be more attracted to it, especially if they are switching from breastfeeding to the bottle,” says Meghan. Our Wellesley store manager, Ben, says that parents really love these bottles: “They rave about it because it’s so compact and easy to feed with.”

The skinny on Comotomo:

  • Made with medical-grade silicone – no BPA, PVC, or phthalates.
  • Easy to clean, with a nice wide neck and flexible material – just squish the bottom upwards to scrub it with a regular dish sponge!
  • The wide nipple base presses against your baby’s face as she drinks, mimicking the feel of a breast and providing a sealed latch to prevent air from being swallowed.
  • Vents siphon out air to keep baby from swallowing it, preventing gas and colic.


Dr. Brown’s

Another popular pick! These are always a good bet, and Ben strongly recommends them for your baby registry: “The Newborn Feeding Set is in shrink wrap, so I can conceivably accept that return if you don’t wind up using them and they’re unopened, but if you have a colicy baby, you don’t want to be caught without a good bottle.”

Features of Dr. Brown’s baby bottles include:

A great ventilation system that keeps air out of milk or formula, reducing the chances of colic.

  • Meghan says: “They have LOTS of different nipples for the various stages.”
  • They’ve won numerous design awards, and are recommended by doctors all around the world!
  • No BPA, PVC, lead, or phthalates.
  • Made in the USA!



Medela is another favorite brand, with the Calma nipple that lets babies control the flow of milk or formula, as opposed to using staged nipples with varied hole sizes. Plus, they’re part of the entire feeding system that goes with the breast pumps you can order through Acelleron – learn more here!

Features include:

  • Bottles are BPA-free plastic.
  • The Calma bottle is optimized for pumped breast milk, enabling your baby to maintain natural feeding behavior she learns on the breast, making it easier to transition back and forth.
  • The Calma only releases milk when a vacuum is formed, so it doesn’t drip if it’s turned upside-down!
  • The vented nipple helps to reduce gassiness.


Pura Kiki 

These super-cute bottles are made with stainless steel, and they let you transition with different caps from a nipple to a sippy to a straw. We love the colors, too! (And don’t worry about being able to tell how much is in the bottle – the measurement marks are on the inside.)

Features include:

  • 100% free of BPA, phthalates, PVC, and petroleum – if you don’t trust any plastics at all, this is a great bet.
  • Pura Kiki baby bottles transform easily into sippy cups with replacement tops.
  • They’re compatible with a variety of popular baby bottle nipples – Born Free, Dr. Brown’s, Avent, MAM, and more.
  • Easy to warm up by running warm water over the bottle!


Think Baby

Want to make all of your feeding purchases for the first year in one fell swoop? The interchangeable pieces in the ThinkBaby system will help you pare down what you buy for your baby and, in time, what you throw out. Also, Meghan praises their later-stage toddler cups: “They have really great grippy handles on them that are so easy for a toddler’s hands.”

ThinkBaby features include:

  • Recyclable No. 5 plastic and medical grade silicone parts – no BPA, nitrosamines, lead, PVC, or PET.
  • A unique and effective venting system with two nipple sizes.
  • Easy to clean!
  • A nice leak-proof straw cup, later on in transition.

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