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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!

Phil & Teds halts sales of Dash stroller

Last week we were asked to suspend sales of the Phil & Teds Dash stroller. We weren’t taken completely off guard – just a few days before, we’d shipped a Dash to a family friend of ours in New York, and got an interesting phone call from her. Apparently the stroller had spontaneously started to fold when she bumped down off a curb. Not good. And it turned out not to be a fluke.

Phil & Teds has been very cagey about giving us details. But, as you may know, the handlebar plays an integral role in the fold mechanism for the Dash, and apparently there was a flaw with some of the strollers that compromised the fold. So the Dash is off the market while Phil & Teds figures out the extent of the problem.

This announcement came on the heels of a massive recall involving the Phil & Teds e3 and some Sport models (I’ll talk about that in a sec), so it definitely provoked a lot of heavy sighs around here. But a representative from the company today told me that they have replaced a supplier and that the Dash should be perfect going forward. Knock on wood.

Note: If you have purchased a Dash, there is a way to check and see if your stroller has been affected by this problem. I am trying to get details about this and will update this post as soon as I have them.

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