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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Not just putting on airs...why we love pneumatic tires!

Not just putting on airs...why we love pneumatic tires!



Cars. Bicycles. Trucks. Wherever you see tires, they’re almost always filled with air. So then why are stroller wheels almost always solid? The answer probably lies in the fact that solid tires are pretty much impossible to puncture which should, in theory, mean they last longer. That resistance to puncturing is one of the only advantages of solid tires. Air-filled or “pneumatic” tires have solid tires beat in every other department. They absorb shock more effectively, they make for a more comfortable ride, and they have lower friction which stops them from wearing out as quickly as their solid counterparts. Many strollers utilize suspension systems to counteract the lacking shock-absorbing power of their solid tires, but that is a compensation for an issue that pneumatic tires just don’t have! Pneumatic tires need more maintenance than solid ones, but it is a trade that is worth making if you’ve got the wherewithal to make it. 

So pneumatic tires are awesome. Most strollers don’t use them. Are there any that do? Yes! Let me introduce you to Bumbleride. Bumbleride is a company committed to sustainability and giving back to the planet. Their strollers, in addition to being as eco-friendly as possible, also all use pneumatic tires! By simply pushing a Bumbleride stroller around you’ll immediately be able to see and feel the advantages of pneumatic tires at work. Their strollers have an extremely smooth and comfortable push that solid tires just can’t measure up to. 

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As always, if you’re ever having trouble figuring out the gear that’s just right for you, you’re not alone! You can always schedule a virtual consultation with us here, or call us at 1-866-600-BEAN (2326)! 

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Kathleen - December 7, 2021

This was terrific information. Something I never really thought about, tires!Thanks, especially for the guide to a viritual cinsultation and learning how to navigate a great stroller

kathy zolondek - December 7, 2021

The Bumbleride stroller is fabulous even if you do not jog!!

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