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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans

New Xplory is here

New XploryThe 2006 update to Stokke’s revolutionary Xplory stroller has arrived, and they have made some very nice improvements. Most significantly, they are now offering a “Baby Bag”, or a bassinet attachment.

The “Baby Bag” lingo is sure to cause some confusion in the US market, though I’ve been told that it’s a question of international terminology. It is just like a bassinet or carrycot on any other stroller, though. They have also introduced new colors, a parasol accessory, and other new coordinating accessories that feature the new dot-patterned fleece accent fabric.

In general, I have been a longtime fan of the Xplory. It hasn’t developed a big following in the United States yet, but Stokke feels (and I agree) that it’s just a matter of time. This stroller is not for everyone. It is fairly unwieldy for frequent in-and-out of the car, but in urban or walking communities, it’s a versatile, head-turning option that really puts your child right in the middle of the action. Stokke has produced an ambitious demonstration video that is viewable on their website at It is long, but it’s very nicely done and it does a great job of showing off the stroller.

Stokke has not yet provided us with photography of the new Xplory line yet, so unless we take the pictures ourselves (and we are tempted, trust me), viewing these products online will be difficult.

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