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New Kate Spade Quest is here

New Kate Spade Quest is here

Kate Spade QuestAnd it’s really cute. The new Kate Spade Twilight features a very modern snail icon (there’s a joke in there, somewhere) on a quilted navy background, accented with white piping. The hood is lined with a green interior. Structurally, it’s identical to the other Quest strollers, but it feels very special. This year, Maclaren is extending the Kate Spade collection to include a baby rocker, a carrier, a blanket, and, of course, diaper bags. All of these feature the same whimsical iconography system.

As expected, the Kate Spade products carry a premium price, but if you’re a fan of the designer (or just this particular design), it’s a little bit of luxury in a world of stretch marks, late-night feedings and poopy diapers.

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