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New Britax car seats & travel systems: Solstice Grey!

New Britax car seats & travel systems: Solstice Grey!


With the yearly ABC Kids Spring Show comes even more new baby gear announcements! And it’s no surprise that a lot of these gear items are coming in one particular color – grey is everywhere in 2016, and given that grey is such a popular color for cars, and Britax is one of the top names in car seats, it’s no surprise that they’re getting in on the trend with the new Britax Solstice Grey collection.

The Solstice Grey theme has the same understated elegance that grey brings to all kinds of baby gear, with just a touch of playfulness: after all, the winter solstice may be the darkest time of the year, but it’s also time for holidays all over the world! Look closely at the lush grey inset in this car seat, and you’ll see a cute but subtle checkerboard pattern:

britax solstice grey boulevard car seat

You’ll find the Solstice Grey color option for the following seats and travel systems:

There’s still more news to come from the ABC show, where our buying staff are exploring right now, so keep an eye out for more updates!



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