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My new favorite CD

My new favorite CD

WigglewormsIt was Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music where Ralph Covert (Ralph’s World) got his start, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that this institution is an apparent clearinghouse for exceptional children’s music talent. But their newest CD, Wiggleworms Love You is possibly the best album for children I’ve ever encountered (sorry, Ralph). With 42 tracks, it’s pretty much a survey of the most beloved classic children’s songs. It seems to go on forever (in a good way). You’ll recognize most of the melodies, but the vocal talent is what really elevates this album. Each track is performed by a different artist, and there is incredible variety to the tones and textures each performer brings to the song. Yes, clearly I like this CD, but fortunately so do my kids. I would list our favorites, but that would take a while.

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