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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Meet the Magic Beans team!

Meet the Magic Beans team!

While all of us at Magic Beans are doing everything in our power to flatten the curve of COVID-19, we are also keeping several lines of communication open for you during this unpredictable time. Our stores may be closed to the public, but at each location, we have one dedicated staff member ready to field phone consultations, do virtual consultations, ship out any item you need, and (during limited hours!) facilitate curbside pick up. Who are these baby gear superheroes? Let's meet them!

Meet Magic Beans Wellesley

Magic Beans Wellesley storefront

Miguel, father of two kiddos under the age of 5, is taking the lead on holding down the fort in Wellesley. A Bean of 2 years, assistant manager to Mia (more on her in a moment) in Cambridge, and an exceptional person overall, Miguel can help with any gear or toy question you might throw at him. If you've had the pleasure of working with Miguel in our Wellesley or Cambridge stores, you know his advice and counsel is second to none.

Meet Magic Beans Cambridge

Magic Beans Cambridge storefront

Mia, mother of one teenager and our Director or Stores, is taking care of our Cambridge location. Need a car seat consultation? Stroller advice? Tips on how to deal with living with your teenager 24/7? Mia is your gal. She will also be heading the Instagram TV segments that we are working on. Love our IG stories? Mia’s behind them!

Meet Magic Beans Boston

Magic Beans Boston storefront

Diana, veteran Bean of almost 10 years, will be taking care of our Prudential Center location. Got questions about strollers that haven’t been produced in 7 years? The best game for a 2 year old? In need of a WOW Basket to send to a child or expecting parents? Diana can take care of you. Diana will also be working with Mia on Instagram TV.

Meet Magic Beans Customer Service

Magic Beans staff

Our fabulous customer service team is also on call, working remotely in Connecticut and the South Shore of Massachusetts to answer any and all customer service questions, YouTube questions, and product ordering questions that you can throw at them. Stephanie, the head of our customer service team, is a mom of two under 8; Drea is a mom of one under 2; and Jaymee is devoted cat mama. All of these women are continually a fantastic resource of knowledge.

Meet the Magic Beans Web Team

Our small and mighty web team is still working hard to get your orders out to you! Jesse, father of one dog, and Justin, father of two cats, have been working continually (and safely!) on getting everything out to you during this crazy time.

Meet the Magic Beans Warehouse Team

And last but not least, Cari and Ricky, the inseparable head of the warehouse family–the strongest duo since mac and cheese, salt and pepper, chicken and waffles! They're still checking in all of our products, allocating them to our website, and generally taking care of those around them. Shout out to the sweet souls they work with, a.k.a our warehouse warriors: Keith, Danny, Nick, and Bob. Without this team, we wouldn’t be able to function as a small business during this unprecedented time.

Meet the Magic Beans Office Team

While many of the members of our office are working remotely right now (including yours truly!), our Chief Financial Officer, PB, is hard at work in the office. Along with pitching in and packing orders alongside our Warehouse Team, he's holding down the fort when it comes to handling the day-to-day business duties at our Magic Beans offices; we couldn't be more grateful for his hard work. 

Now that you've meet our Magic Beans team, we hope that you stay in touch! If you are in need of any advice on baby gear and toys (or just are looking for a listening ear), we are here to help. Feel uncomfortable with the idea of picking up products or having gear shipped to you due to COVID-19? We get it! Instead or buying online, you can purchase a gift card to use when things start to calm down again.

We can’t wait to see you all in stores again! Until then, stay healthy and take care.

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