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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Meet Jané* at the Drool Baby Expo! Stroller style pioneers from Spain

Meet Jané* at the Drool Baby Expo! Stroller style pioneers from Spain

Stroller historians, take note: while stylish luxury strollers came late to the US, Spanish parents made the connection between prams and glamour quite some time ago. The Jané company started with Manuel Jané Vidal’s rather blocky and wheelchair-like original design in 1932, but 75 years is a long time for a company to tinker with a concept! So by 1960, Jané was rolling out super-glam strollers like the gorgeous silver-and-black Sissi:

We can’t find much info about it, but we’re not surprised that artists were involved in its creation. Isn’t it gorgeous?

By 1976, Jané stroller commercials featured glamorous unveilings for massive crowds:

And check out this unruffled model in a gleaming white pantsuit demonstrating their folding stroller the same year:

jane-rider-stroller-blue-moonSo Jané has been at this business for quite some time, and they know what makes a stroller irresistible to the discriminating parent (which, yes, includes celebrities). At the moment, along with sleek good looks, their strollers also feature playful patterns and designs – check out the cutie-boo navy fish design on the Rider in StrollerQueen’s review!

Of course, a great stroller isn’t just beautiful: it’s also easy to use, practical on a variety of surfaces, and most importantly, comfy for your kid. The three Jané models currently available in the US each are best suited to different terrain:

  • Jané Nanuq: This cute little umbrella stroller only weighs 14 pounds! It’s light and practical and perfectly suited to sidewalks and shopping malls.
  •  Jané Rider: Go luxe! This chic and sleek stroller pulls out all of the stops with adjustable suspension, a reversible seat, an adjustable handle, and much, much more.
  •  Jané Trider: Go farther! The Rider’s adventurous sister has most of the same features, except that it’s an all-terrain three-wheeler that’s made to go absolutely anywhere.

These three glamorous strollers and other fab finds from Jané will be attending their first Drool Baby Expo on May 7. We can’t wait to see you there! And in the meantime, if you’re nerdy about gear like we are, check out the rest of Jané’s history at their Virtual Museum.

* While we are very disappointed that we cannot use the rhyme “Jane from Spain,” Jané is pronounced “zha-NAY.” This makes us think of Sade, which feels pretty fitting.


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