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Maternity ward (part 1)

Maternity ward (part 1)

New BabyExactly a week ago, my sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Around eight months ago, she and I were en route to IKEA when she gave me the good news. A week later I was back at IKEA to return some things from my trip the week before and my sister in law called me with news. She too was expecting. My third thought (after the requisite thrill over the prospect of another niece or nephew AND something like, what is UP with IKEA??) was, June’s going to be a busy month.

And it has been busy. One baby is born, another is coming this week, and then we’re capping off the month with a family wedding. But life can never be too full of happy occasions. I’m thankful we have so many things to celebrate.

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