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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Magalog Flashback: Why We Love Winter… Plus Nosefrida

Magalog Flashback: Why We Love Winter… Plus Nosefrida

What do you get when you combine a catalog with a magazine? Our magalog, Surprises, is your guide to the best of our baby gear selection and the top toys of the season. But there’s more: each issue of Surprises is loaded with informative articles about babies and kids, and common-sense advice that you can use.

Just in case you missed them, we’re reposting our magalog backlog here on the Spilling the Beans blog. And we’ve got a great new issue on the way, launching in November 2012. Go here and sign up to make sure you get yours!

Why We Love Winter
By Dana Morgenstein

Fall’s a ball, and spring has zing, but who will stand up for winter? Here’s our argument on behalf of the coldest time of the year, based on our fond childhood memories and experiences that we love sharing with our kids today.

1. Snow Days: On Monday morning, anticipating another dreary trek to school, you look out the window and see…snow! It’s your lucky day – no school.

2. Bundling Up: It’s ten degrees outside, but in your layers of sweaters, your heavy coat, your hat, and your boots, you’re well-nigh invulnerable. In past years, you might have worried about looking uncool, but there’s no need to fret with today’s fun winter styles.

3. Outdoor Fun: The winter world is your oyster when there’s snow on the ground. Sledding, snow forts, snowmen, snowballs, snow angels! Or, just wading into knee-high snow, surveying the landscape, and then realizing that the snow is getting into your boots and wading back out again.

4. Coming Back Inside: Every family has its own warming-up rituals, whether you prefer a roaring fireplace or a steaming mug of tomato soup with alphabet noodles (or both, and a grilled cheese sandwich, too). But hot cocoa is universal.

5. Holiday Cheer: Finally, the winter holidays are an annual opportunity to reconnect with the people we love, and to appreciate everything that we have. And let’s not forget about gifts!

…and One Thing We Don’t Love About Winter

Nobody “nose” as well as moms: with cold weather comes stuffy noses. Babies hate bulb aspirators, but they don’t mind Nosefrida – and it works better, too!

Nosefrida is noninvasive, safe, and easy, but the approach is a little unusual: you provide the suction. One end of the tube goes against (not inside) baby’s nostril; the other end (with a very important filter between) goes in your mouth. The filter ensures that the yuck travels away from the baby but does not reach you.

The payoff? It’s more effective than any decongestant and more productive than any other aspirator. In minutes, your baby is breathing clearly. And when you’re done, this BPA and phthalate-free nasal aspirator is dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

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