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15% off SITEWIDE & STOREWIDE with code BFCM15 | Free gift wrap
Is that a term of endearment?

Is that a term of endearment?

Mutsy Twin SeatWe just ordered the Mutsy strollers in Las Vegas, so we were curious to see what they were unveiling here. They showed off a new, brighter color palette for the Spider, as well as a completely new chassis concept which is outstanding. The handlebar is attached to the seat frame, which, like the bugaboo, can convert from a bassinet to a seat using a different fabric set. The chassis folds down to compact proportions, and the handlebar can be positioned in a variety of ways to suit the comfort of the pusher. Plus, it’s very cool looking.

(Because Mutsy is still so new to the US, let me explain that the Mutsy line, aside from the Spider, is a collection of chassis and seat combinations that are mostly interchangeable. Customers can choose from 4 different chassis, and several types of seats, bassinets, car seat clips and even the Fun Ride trike-style attachment.)

Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned the coolest feature of the Mutsy: the Twin Seat. You can attach it to any chassis, and instantly have two seats on a single frame, both at the same height, and one of which reclines. It’s absolutely to die for. Let’s just hope it can meet all those safety standards and quick!

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