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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans

Holiday Giveaways # 6 – Corolle Calin Doll

Corolle Calin DollsThe Corolle booth at Toy Fair is my husband’s favorite stop each year. Not because he likes to play with dolls, but because he likes French champagne (and really, who doesn’t?). It’s become an annual tradition for him to lounge at a table, happily sipping champagne while I (usually either pregnant or breastfeeding) circulate through the product displays choosing dolls, outfits and accessories for the coming year. It’s a good year when I get to drink, but even when I don’t, the soft vanilla scent that is the trademark of the Corolle product line is intoxicating enough.

Corolle Calin is part of the Mon Premier line, designed for babies 18 months and older. They have a silky vinyl head with eyes that open and close and a soft body that fits perfectly into the crook of a toddler’s arm. That vanilla scent is extremely mild (especially when you aren’t surrounded by it), and research has shown that it enhances concentration and provides an extra dimension of stimulation. Calin comes in a range of nationalities. Most of the dolls are dressed as girls, but there is also a boy doll available. Plus, the dolls are not anatomically correct, so an outfit change is all you need if the ultrasound says it’s a boy.

Calin is our 6th giveaway. Enter to win.

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