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Here we go

Here we go

Photo by Rebecca Deaton

Photo by Rebecca Deaton

I know. I have been neglecting the blog. And I feel really bad about it. But the last six months have brought so many changes for me and my family, it has been a little hard to keep up with all the things demanding my time.

When we decided to start homeschooling in the fall with our two oldest kids, I had no idea how the transition would go. For nine years, I had put a massive amount of energy into Magic Beans. Would it even be possible to step back at this point? But with the unwavering support of my incredible team (headed up by my amazing husband and my brilliant brother-in-law), it went smoothly.

The talented, wonderful people in my office could not have been any more understanding. They figured out how to best utilize my time, they helped me prioritize, they communicated beautifully, and they showed me over and over again that they were good enough to do everything I used to do, only better and faster. It has been humbling and magnificent.

Tomorrow night, we will be hosting the third annual Drool Baby Expo. This enormous event has always been my project to run (with lots and lots of help), but not this year. This year, I passed the baton, and our team was more organized than ever, they sold more tickets than ever, and they are going to produce our best event ever, I am sure.

After Drool, I’ll be taking my girls on an extended field trip to Japan and Israel. This trip came together out of an odd set of circumstances, dreams, interests, educational objectives, and frequent flyer miles. And it is another endeavor that is only possible because of the team we have right now. And because of Eli, who insisted we go and never once balked at staying behind. Saying good-bye to him and Zev will be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

So if you’re at Drool tomorrow night, look for me. I’ll be the one beaming with pride, full of gratitude (and probably trying not to cry). But please don’t congratulate me. Congratulate Emily, Jill, and Vanessa. Congratulate Robert, Jesse, and Dana. Congratulate Matt, Eli, Isaac, and the rest of our team. Just tell me how lucky I am to work with all these fabulous people (like I don’t know that already).


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