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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Getting warmer: reusable baby wipes

Getting warmer: reusable baby wipes


If you’ve thought about cloth diapering and decided it’s not for you, here’s an interesting alternative. Prince Lionheart has come out with Warmies, a baby wipes system that takes reusable, ultra-soft bamboo washcloths, and keeps them warm and damp. I’m a fan because the wipes are extremely gentle on the baby’s delicate skin, you save money because you aren’t buying as many disposable wipes, and there’s less waste for the landfills. OK, the extra laundry might be a consideration, but I think you’ll still come out ahead.

If you’re already doing cloth diapering to any degree, the Warmies system is a no-brainer. And if you aren’t really on the eco-friendly bandwagon, having warm, wet washcloths always at the ready is always a good idea for sticky toddlers, art projects gone awry and general kid-related messes.

The warmer comes with 4 bamboo wipes, and packs of 8 additional wipes can be purchased separately. You can also use other kinds of cloth wipes in the warmer. The warmer is treated with an EPA-approved anti-microbial additive, and includes a moisture retention pillow that prevents the wipes from drying out. Before putting them into the warmer, simply saturate with a homemade natural cleansing solution – there are several great recipes on the Prince Lionheart website.

The wipes can be machine washed, but do not need to go into the dryer. You can just take them out of the washing machine, soak them in the cleansing solution and put them right back into the warmer. Cool.

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