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Get your free breast pump with Acelleron and Magic Beans!

Get your free breast pump with Acelleron and Magic Beans!

acelleron-medical-products-logo-w.fw_With the passing of the Affordable Care Act, most new or expectant moms are eligible for free breast pumps. Sounds great, right? Except that you can’t get your free pump directly from a baby store: it can mean dealing with your insurance company, which means long waits on the phone, heaps of paperwork, and other headaches you’d rather skip.

Get your free pump the easy way, with help from Magic Beans! We’re partnering with Acelleron Medical Products, a local home medical equipment provider serving families throughout New England. Ask a customer service rep at any Magic Beans store, and we’ll get you started by giving you the paperwork to give to your OB. Your OB will fill it out and send it to Acelleron, and then Acelleron will tell you what free pumps and upgrades are available (which will differ by what state you live in and by your health insurance provider). Once you’ve chosen your pump, you can get it delivered the next day, free of charge!

Your pump from Acelleron will almost definitely be a Medela pump, and we’ve got tons of accessories from Medela and other trusted brands to make pumping, storing, and feeding easier: spare breast pump parts kits, extra tubing, freezer bags, quick-clean wipes, micro-steam clean bags, and even hands-free pumping bras that make it easy to multitask!

Got questions? Contact our customer service team, or just come into any Magic Beans store and we’ll give you the scoop.

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