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Funny Faces

Funny Faces

Ty Girlz ComparisonWhen the Ty Girlz first made their debut I mentioned that I’d felt conflicted about them. The racy outfits and Bratz-like faces were a bit off-putting to parents looking for wholesome toys. I guess I wasn’t alone.

Ty has now taken a step back and made some modifications to the Girlz. The newer releases have more modest wardrobes, and all of the dolls have undergone a face lift of sorts. I’ve taken a before and after picture. The doll on the left is the older face, while the doll on the right is the newer one. I think it’s an interesting case study in design and psychology. What is it about the face on the right that makes the doll seem friendlier, nicer, less judgmental (is that just me?). By changing the shape of the face, the forehead, eyes and eyebrows, Ty is betting that the Girlz will be more accessible to little girls and more palatable for parents. But let’s not forget where Ty truly excels – creating collectibles. If nothing else, those original faces will probably be valuable someday.

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