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Book a Baby Gear Consultation (click here) | Free Shipping $99+
Flying First Class: The Ultimate Travel Stroller Has a Luxurious New Look!

Flying First Class: The Ultimate Travel Stroller Has a Luxurious New Look!

Magic Beans is so excited to be an exclusive seller of the Doona Gold. For those unfamiliar with the Doona, it’s an innovative piece of baby gear that seamlessly transitions from stroller to car seat to stroller again!

This multifunctional product might seem like it has nothing going for it beyond a simple gimmick, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Functional and safe, there’s a reason parents love to travel with the Doona, and it really does shine when it’s time for a vacation. From quick trips on foot to long plane rides, the Doona is your go-to for any adventure.

Woman standing in a white room with the Doona Gold

While the original Doona was certainly easy on the eyes, its sleek design has been turned up to eleven with the Doona Gold. It’s beautiful and has just the right amount of dramatic flair without feeling over-the-top or gaudy. The canopy has a snazzy splatter of gold, and the tubing is a similar golden shade. Included with the Doona Gold is a sleek little side bag for extra storage, which is helpful because, although the Doona has many strengths, storage is not one of them.

Parents frequently ask if the Doona is truly versatile enough to be your only stroller. At Magic Beans we highly recommend a dedicated stroller for daily life apart from the Doona, with other strollers featuring better suspension, wheels suited to more consistent walking, and more storage space.

Woman looking a toddler in Liki Trike Gold with Doona Gold in her other hand

If you’re looking to take home some of that Doona Gold opulence but your little one isn’t an infant anymore, check out the Liki trike which also got a stylish golden revamp!

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Shop the Doona Gold, the Liki Gold, and hundreds of other quality products today at!

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