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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Drool Spotlight: Orbit Baby comes around, again

Drool Spotlight: Orbit Baby comes around, again

orbit_3It’s easy for us to forget, as old pros at the baby gear game, that our customers are usually brand new to the product category and need an intro to some key names. Our annual Drool Baby Expo will give you the opportunity to explore perennial faves like Orbit Baby in person, but in the meantime, here’s our quick primer on a brand that we’ve been praising since… well, almost as long as we’ve been around. Time flies when you’re selling strollers!

Here are a few qualities to remember when you meet your first Orbit Baby stroller:

It spins.

This is the single Orbit Baby feature that no other stroller company can boast: complete 360-degree rotation for your stroller seat and infant car seat. You can dock your car seat on the SmartHub™ at nearly any angle, letting you rotate it into the safe rear-facing position. Your baby can ride in the stroller facing you, facing the world, facing away from the sun, facing your café table (no need for a high chair!). It’s completely unique.

This excellent overview from Dadlabs puts the Orbit Travel System G2 through its paces – watch company co-founder Vivian Chiang casually demonstrate how easy the system is to use. Our favorite moment? Watch Vivian at 3:50 into the video as she collapses the frame and tucks it under her arm in one single, smooth movement, like it’s no big deal. Oh, but it is a big deal! Especially when you’re navigating airports, which takes us to the next point:

It travels.

Kristin Cavallari Arriving On A Flight At LAXWith a name like Orbit, this stroller had better be prepared to explore the world – and it is. In this feature from PopSugar, Vivian talks about what makes the Orbit G2 Travel System the ultimate stroller for international travel:

“Before she was ever pregnant, Vivian and her husband, Joseph, his design partner, Bryan White, and his wife, Farrah, all realized that transportation could be made easier for families. As the four came together to create the Orbit system, they spoke to parents around the world to see what they would want in the ultimate travel stroller.

“Among the ideas they heard (and incorporated): car seats with side carrying handles so navigating narrow airplane aisles would be easier, one-handed folding so you can quickly gate-check a stroller, and a frame the folds down small so it can easily fit through the X-ray machine. Those features, along with using eco-friendly fabrics and placing the baby at table height, have made the Orbit stroller a favorite among globetrotting families.”

Speaking of globetrotting families: for the next feature, we’ll hop across the pond for a review from the UK:

It doubles!

In 2012, Orbit unveiled the Double Helix, which turns your Orbit Baby stroller into a modular single-to-double tandem. Could twice as much buggy be just as easy? The reviewer at says yes:

“The first thing I noticed was how amazingly easy the Double Helix was to steer. The show stand had various obstacles (tables, chairs etc) which most tandem pushchairs would have required reversing and a shunt to get around. The Double Helix simply wove easily in and out and around them all! That was my first surprise – the handling was great. Mr BB was very impressed and talked all the way home about how it was genius to have swivel wheels at both the front and rear, with the fixed wheels acting as a pivot point in the middle!”

But don’t take her word for it. At Magic Beans, we believe in hands-on experiences that give you all the information and confidence you need to make the best purchases for your family. So, on May 21, come meet the entire Orbit collection in person, and talk to Orbit representatives at the Drool Baby Expo – and get fabulous deals, freebies, and some pampering, too. Get your tickets today! Come to Drool!

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