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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Drool Baby Expo: Stokke Spotlight!

Drool Baby Expo: Stokke Spotlight!

It's time to talk about a classic company in the baby gear world that is showing off their collection at Drool Baby Expo! The designers at Norway’s Stokke have always prided themselves in being equal parts functional, stylish and development-focused, which is a hard combo to pinpoint when making baby gear. While they’ve since developed a full lineup of products from furniture, to bathtime and even a whole line of strollers, they started in 1932 with a simple idea in mind: quality modern furniture.

Despite the company’s beginnings in adult furnishings, 1972 marked a banner year for Stokke with the introduction of their first product for children, the Tripp Trapp high chair. Saying the Tripp Trapp blew up is an understatement, it skyrocketed. To quote their team: “This iconic chair did something completely new; it gave children an ergonomic seat of their own, one that would grow with them.”

This was truly the first product designed for children that considered longevity. Up until this point, people either got specialized products that focused on the first few years, or made do with that they had. The Tripp Trapp was the first to treat kids with the respect of adults, allowing for something they can maintain throughout their life rather than something parents throw away or donate once they grow out of it. That, combined with its customization, focus on proper digestion, and proximity to the family, gave this chair a unique vision that over the years has become the vision that a lot of the baby gear industry ascribes to. 

In the ensuing years the Tripp Trapp sold over 10 million chairs, has grown into an even more customizable chair that even accommodates newborns, and Stokke has branched out to surround it with products of inimitable quality and design. Stokke’s Sleepi Bassinet line took the “grow with you” idea and ran with it, allowing you to convert a mobile bassinet into a full size crib (and eventually a toddler bed!). 

The strollers they designed took the mid-century modern design of the Tripp Trapp and adapted it to stroller materials (plastics, rubbers, metals), rounding out the harsher edges and creating a modern masterpiece. The Stokke Xplory was their first, and literally landed them a spot in an exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art! With the Xplory they continued their focus on proximity to baby, creating a sliding seat that allowed you to bring baby as close as you wanted. 

With all these years of innovation, Stokke has continued to evolve by pushing into all of the gaps of innovation they think they might cleverly fill. From the Flexibath to the Bedbox they continue to make innovations regularly and their classic products continue to resonate throughout the baby gear industry. 

Parents and kids adore Stokke, you won’t want to miss the chance to hear about them and get to know their amazing lineup at Drool Baby Expo’s Virtual Edition on March 7th. We’ll have tons of other companies and speakers, showcasing products and giving talks that will help you prep for parenthood! Not to mention the one-night only deals! Be sure to grab your tickets here!
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