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Memorial Day Weekend Extravaganza Sale (click here) | Free shipping $99+
Memorial Day Weekend Extravaganza Sale (click here) | Free shipping $99+


Step StoolFor aspiring handy types, there’s a new line of constructable kids furniture that’s designed to provide plenty of gratification in exchange for relatively little effort. These new kits, by

Finished Stool

imadethat, come with wood pieces, sandpaper, simple tools and plenty of paint. The components are sturdy, and the finished product will be a source of pride for many years to come. The assembly process is fairly brief (about 20 minutes) and it is meant to engage parents and children together. We are offering the Sir Steps-A-Lot step stool, the Caddy toy cart and the Stacking Box to start with. If anyone tries one, I’d love to see pictures…

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