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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Decking the halls for your grandchild’s visit: some basic holiday prep

Decking the halls for your grandchild’s visit: some basic holiday prep

grandma christmasCongrats, Grandma and Grandpa: your own kids are grown and out of the house, and it’s time to enjoy the next generation coming on the scene! It’s been a good while since you were the one bringing your own eager kids to celebrate with their Grammy and Grampy, so a refresher may be in order. Here are some tips for making spirits bright when your brood arrives on the scene!



If there are going to be curious toddlers coming over, it’s a good idea to do a babyproofing check; the LA Times recommends requesting the help of a young mom to peek around for you, since they’re already used to being on alert. If you expect rowdy older kids, you may want to hide fragile knickknacks, or at least push them farther back on the shelf.

You’ll also want to stock up on food that kids like – ask your daughter/son what their kids will eat. Don’t forget to ask about allergies! Getting a few basic feeding supplies for toddlers is a good way to spare your kids from having to bring it all along, and a Tripp Trapp High Chair  is a great investment for current and future visits – it starts out as a high chair and can be adjusted by size as kids grow, so you’ll use it for every visit for years. Plus, as a high chair, it’s made to be pulled right up to the dining room table, and the holidays are all about family bonding!

A travel crib or two is also a great investment for visits from the grandkids, so your kids don’t have to haul one along; while most of the travel cribs in our selection are for babies, the Kidco Peapod Plus Travel Bed can be used by kids up to age 5!



Planning activities for the visit (aside from the obvious festive dinner and opening of presents) is key: you don’t want to have bored children mooning around the house (after all, you want them to be eager to come back!), and it can take some doing to find activities with cross-generational appeal. Check out some of the great suggestions here!

A must for every day of their visit: make sure that everyone gets outside and gets some fresh air! Kids sleep better if they get some exercise, and squabbles are less likely to start if everyone isn’t confined in a small space. See where the playgrounds are around your house, find out when the zoo is open, and look into skating rinks, museums, and kid-friendly local holiday events.

Kids love making decorations, so harness that energy to make the house festive and create some keepsakes you’ll love to display for years to come: there are tons of ideas for crafts all over the internet! Kids also will enjoy helping with simple cooking and cleaning tasks – they love feeling useful, and showing off dishes that they helped to make!

And don’t forget to keep a stock of kid-appropriate classic games on hand: family games like Apples To Apples Jr., Hedbanz, and Telestrations guarantee lots of laughs together for terrific family bonding and wonderful memories!

And that’s ultimately what it’s all about: creating memories, building traditions, and bonding as a family. Have fun, and happy holidays!

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