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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Day 23: Go Gaga Prize Package

Day 23: Go Gaga Prize Package

When babies first begin speaking, a lot of their vocalizations involve repeated syllables – “mama” and “dada,”  of course, but also other phrases that sound similar, like goo-goo and ga-ga. (This is also why, during the 2008 election, Youtube was full of videos of babies saying “Obama” – it just rolls off the infant tongue.)

As such, Go Gaga is a great name for a baby-oriented company – why not give your diaper bags a name your baby can pronounce? Plus, it happens to be similar to the name of a pop star who’s in the news a lot these days, who named herself for a really great song by Queen. Today, we’re giving away a Go Gaga prize package, including:

  • A Go Gaga Slide Diaper Bag, a messenger-style diaper bag with an ergonomically-designed strap that’s incredibly comfortable. The fabric in the strap stretches out over your shoulder and back, distributing the bag’s weight evenly and making it a lot easier to lug all the stuff your baby needs. Plus, it has a great unisex look that dads will love too.
  • A Go Gaga Stuff Sack, a waterproof bag that’s perfect for getting used cloth diapers or dirty outfits back home – it keeps moisture and smells in, and, of course, is machine-washable. Also great for keeping things dry!
  • A Go Gaga Nomad Changing Pack, a teeny bundle that unfolds to a surprising generously-sized changing pad. The folding method keeps germs away from your baby while you change her, and there are plenty of pockets for diapering needs.

No matter what words your baby winds up saying first, she can’t go wrong with Go Gaga. Enter today to win!

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